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Seattle need more pet stores like this that sells fish, reptile and even insects (Tarantula)
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This essentially means that any independently owned pet store that sells tropical fish must also sell exotic birds. However, it is possible for an independently owned pet store to sell neither tropical fish and exotic birds. For that reason answer choice (E) is wrong. It is not necessary, as (E) states, for independently owned pet stores to sell at least TF or EB.
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If your fish meet these requirements, and you can prove it, you should have no trouble selling your fish to petshops for actual money. Even the chainstores will buy them after a great deal of paperwork hassle, but the price has to be very low. I can't stress enough the fact that a shop owner must know he'll be able to sell the fish before he'll even consider buying them. You might have a brood of 300 of the finest Oscars ever seen, but the shop can't use any more than a dozen every month at best. Danios are very cheap & common, but aren't really hot sellers you could ever hope to get more than 15 cents for most of the time. Discus & killies might sell for a very short while initially, but as the shops find them too difficult to sell, they usually won't buy them. There is a lot of misinformation out there about betta fish—mostly propagated by the pet stores that sell them. Let's start by getting the facts straight about bettas.
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Petshops are all in some of the most brutal & cutthroat competiton imaginable with each other. If you dare to sell fish to multiple stores within the same immediate "territory," you'll very likely lose all of those customers. The very they are buying your superior fish is that they want something the other guys don't have. Pick one store in each large area and make certain they know that their territory is protected. Some guys won't mind, but some . Good luck with that one.No, because they could ask a "some" question from the "must" chain. For example, in this question, it must be true that some pet stores in WC sell tropical fish.