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The following is a list of some possible fish bowl pets and how you can keep them healthy.
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We can't stress enough the need for hobbyists to research any and all fish before purchasing them! Don't make that impulse buy when shopping for your fish if you don't know it's care requirements. You are only doing a disservice to yourself and the animal. While our list of fish species isn't exhaustive, it is growing all the time.Pet Fish Care Information and Pictures By Fish Species / Fish Types:
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Like the list? Hate the list? Which one do you want? Which one do you own? What do you think is the best pet fish of all time? Have your say below. Aug 21, 2016 - Some Good Choices for Your Bowl. The following is a list of some possible fish bowl pets and how you can keep them healthy.
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I accompanied Fitzpatrick up to the South Bronx because a man had been trying to sell his alligator on Craigslist. We didn’t find the alligator but Lieutenant Fitzpatrick kept talking about these illegal, super-expensive pet fish that were coming into the city and were the bane of his existence. At first, I was not interested. I am not a fish person. I thought of pet fish as a boring subject. Then I started digging into it deeper.Buying fish for your freshwater aquarium is opportunity for a fun trip to the pet store. As you choose fish to take home, look at the physical characteristics in the following list to determine whether a fish is in good health:Another great article a lot of people never even take into consideration. Great read and now I am headed to the pet store this weekend to buy 6 loaches I did not know they got that big. 3 more fish to add to this list are Columbian sharks - they get up for 12-14inches it takes roughly 5 years but they will get there, Iridescent sharks also get 12 inches in length. I also bought what I thought was a Columbian shark at the time but he has grew from 1 inch to 14 inches in the last 6 months and he has got to be some sort small mouth catfish or something.For this article, I am assuming you know enough about basic fish care to be considering which fish you would like to put into your new tank. This is a crucial decision. Do not trust some store employee to tell you which fish you should choose. They most likely know very little. It's up to you to make a wise decision. I am going to list five fish commonly purchased for a first aquarium that are horrible choices. However, store employees constantly sell these fish to unsuspecting customers who will most likely be back in a few weeks to replace their new pets that have gone on to that big fish tank in the sky. I will also list some much better alternatives that will allow you to get started in what can be a very fascinating and rewarding hobby. In determining the best beginner fish, I first wanted to make sure that they were hardy enough to allow for beginner mistakes that are bound to happen. Secondly, I chose fish that could live happily in the common community aquarium that most beginners like to set up. These fish don't require huge tanks or need special care to survive. Hopefully, this lens will guide you in choosing fish that are both appealing and appropriate for your aquarium.So, you’re looking for the perfect underwater pal to bring life into your room, living room, or office space eh? Well, I’ve compiled the following list based on my own experiences and the experiences of others- aquarium enthusiasts and newbies alike. I’ve scoured dozens of help articles, forums, and word-of-mouth verbal data to bring you guys a list of what I think are the best pet fish currently on the market (that you can easily obtain).Number one on the list is the Platinum or White Arowana. This fish has a value of approximately $400,000. It is so valuable that a micro ID chip is implanted into it before it reaches sexual maturity to help identify and authenticate it. The color is the result of a very rare genetic mutation. More common types of Arowana include: the Red Arowana, Green Arowana, Yellow-Tail Arowana, Silver Arowana, Black Arowana and Australian Pearl Arowana. They are found in nature in South America, Southeast Asia and Africa. In captivity they require at least a 300 gallon tank with plenty of live food such as crickets and worms. They can reach a size of about 35 inches and they can live for more than 50 years. They are intelligent with the ability to recognize individuals and they can be trained to be hand-fed. Although they are a fabulous fish, they are not necessarily the perfect pet for the average home aquarist for some of the reasons listed above.