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Giant parrots fish in a fresh water fish tank
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Hey guys! Here is the long waited update video on my 30 gallon freshwater tank! Its been camera shy for about 4 months now and theirs been alot of new changes! Got some new fish, plants, and driftwood. Thanks for watching and if you have any questions let me know!!

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Many years ago, when I first saw parrots and learned about their unnatural origins, I was horrified. I was an outspoken critic of the parrot cichlid and hated them without ever knowing them. Since then, I've placed many parrot cichlids into tanks located in hospitals, daycares, schools, nursing homes, and the like. There is no other fish that gets the level of positive attention these fish do—everyone is drawn to their bright color, their personality, and their outright cute shape. They're large, incredibly hardy, superbly colored, and not particularly aggressive, filling a niche among freshwater fish that is unmatched. As people become enamored with the parrot, they often ask “How can I keep one?” and soon join the ranks of aquarists. Many eventually move onto all sorts of aquarium keeping. At the end of the day, that's the important thing: They get people interested in the aquarium. Give the parrot a chance; you won't regret it. Red blood parrot fish in Thailand, fresh water fish
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Although Parrots have been known to mate and even lay eggs, generally they are infertile. There have been sporatic cases of successful spawnings, generally when they have been crossed with a non-hybrid fish. Like other cichlids, Blood Parrots will tend the eggs and resulting fry fastidiously. As with any eggs, those that are infertile will turn white and rapidly fungus. The parents will eat infertile eggs to prevent them from spreading fungus to the fertile eggs. Once the eggs hatch, daily water changes of 25% are critical to ensure the health of the fry. Fresh baby brine shrimp are the optimum food during the first couple of weeks. Often pet shops will carry frozen baby brine shrimp, which can also be used. As they fry grow, they can be weaned to fine fry food.Freshwater blood parrot cichlid care can be very rewarding. Blood Parrots are super inquisitive, curious fish and are a lot of fun to keep. They can live anywhere from 5-10 years plus with optimal care.These great fishes who were first created in Taiwan are very beautiful as appearance. So you want to feed some fishes breeds, you can try them for your aquarium. There are some parrot cichlid breeds. The most well known is blood cichlid.

İnformation: Blood parrots are often bright orange in coloration, but there are other colors that they can have naturally, such as red or yellow. Other colors may be produced by dyeing the fish, which can shorten life expectancy. Some fish have been injected with a colored dye by the breeder. As the press has brought this practice to light, the majority of fish stockists will no longer sell these modified fish. Adult fish can grow to a length of 8 inches (20 centimeters) and reach an age of 10 years or older.
Genetic: As a result of inbreeding, the fish have several anatomical deformities, including a beak-shaped mouth that cannot fully close, which they compensate for by crushing food with the throat muscles.

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