Big Red parrot fish in aquarium and bubbles

i would like a large aquarium full of blood red parrot cichlids (the fish that smile!)
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While many aquarium hobbyists are familiar with blood parrot cichlids, many do not realize that this species does not occur naturally. The two real parrot cichlid species are Hoplarchus psittacus and Hypsophrys nicaraguensis, though the latter is more commonly called the Nicaragua cichlid. True parrot cichlids are fairly rare in the aquarium hobby, but the blood parrot cichlid is widely available, known for its deep red-orange color and the distinct beak-like shape of its face. Because they are a man-made species, blood parrot cichlids have no scientific name. These fish have been bred with other species to create color variants such as the purple heart parrot cichlid and bubblegum parrot cichlid.
My aquarium of 20 gal. tank with 4 parrot fish, one catfish and one clown loach .
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Many people enjoy keeping various types of fish in their aquarium for a more spectacular display of shapes and colors. If you prefer to have other fish in your tank besides blood parrots, they do well with most other South American cichlids, barbs, corydoras catfish, silver dollars and danios. Larger cichlids may bully them, however. i would like a large aquarium full of blood red parrot cichlids (the fish that smile!)
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Blood Parrot's can sometimes reach sizes up to 10 inches, so an adequate sized aquarium is a must. I recommend no less than 42 gallons (36Lx18Hx15xW) for 2-3 parrots. Anything smaller just will not do for an adult Parrot Cichlid. These fish need plenty of room to establish territories. Taller tanks don't really benefit Parrots because they tend to hide among the rocks and driftwood on the bottom. The bigger the tank the better. Once you get over a 55 gallon tank, one fish per 10 gallons should be sufficient room for each.Este es un video actual del estado de mi acuario y su población: 5 peces Blood Parrot fish, un Oscar alvino, un Clown loach, y dos cat fish. 4 de los Parrot fish tienen ya casi un año conmigo, y el mas pequeño apenas unos 2 meses, mi ultima adquisición fue el Oscar, por favor les pido que analicen su conducta, apenas tiene tres dias en el acuario y es poco activo, apenas hoy me fije que se animo a comer, mi acuario es de casi 60 galones, con buen filtraje y buen mantenimiento, espero sus comentarios. Gracias

This is an updated video of my fish tank, 5 parrot fish, 3 bottom feeders and one Oscar (which I just added 3 days ago) my aquarium is about 60 gallons tank, good filters, good care. Check the Oscar out and tell me what you think of him and his behave, he seems to be shy as well as the Parrot fish, they have been shy since I got them, Leave your comment and like please, thank you.There is also some behavior one must aware of before attempting to keep a parrot cichlid. They love to dig, and can be somewhat belligerent towards other fish at times, especially if two have paired up and are defending their nest. Many people say their parrot's are very docile, rarely showing aggression towards tank mates. I however must fall in to another category. Our parrots grew up together and are always charging and bumping one another. An occasional lip fight will periodically occur over territories. Basically parrot's behavior seems to vary from fish to fish, some are docile while others have quite a nasty disposition. When single specimens are kept in a community aquarium, it will show very little aggression, in a species tank (only parrot cichlids) you will find the exact opposite to be true. What bewilders me is, despite all their daytime scuffles, at night they all share the same cave and snuggle together to sleep, only to wake up the next morning to start terrorizing each other again.First Of its Kind Video Of Most Amazing Cichlid Fish Red Parrot Making Nursery Pit For Breeding Care and Rare Feather Fish in My Fresh water Aquarium...With My own Background Music...!