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pacu fish - Picture of TopCats Fishing Resort, Taling Ngam - TripAdvisor
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We contacted the Montgomery County game warden and they have pictures of another pacu caught on Lake Conroe about four years ago. They believe exotic fish owners release them once they outgrow their aquariums.
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Travis said he caught the fish using his ultra light Ugly Stick fishing rod and a frozen minnow as bait. After seeing pictures of the fish, Eugene Braig, the assistant director of the Ohio Sea Grant and Stone Laboratory, confirmed the fish was a pacu. He said the pacu is in the same family as piranha, but the omnivorous fish eat mostly fruit, snails and plankton. Pacu fish - Picture of La Rueda 1975, Puerto Iguazu - TripAdvisor
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Often times, especially in the juvenile stage, the Red Belly Pacu is confused with their cousin the . You might see Red Belly Piranhas sold as Pacus because of the inability to differentiate between the two fish. In the two pictures below you can see the simple way to tell the difference.the snake head fish looks nothing like that .
the “vampire deer” is a Siberian musk dear
the pacu fish has very small almost square teeth – similar to a human in the sense that they’re the teeth of omnivores, also their mouths are far too small to bight off human testicles – that’s a myth. the picture of the pacu fish is a well known photoshop job. As a matter of fact it looks as if all of these images have been enhanced and edited in some way in order to make the animals look more shocking and amazing….The creature in question is a red-bellied pacu, and is native to the Amazon. Pictures of the freaky fish frequently make the rounds of inboxes because of its strangely human-looking teeth.