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: I was wondering if I need a heater for my Oscar tank? I heard they are tropical fish but my house stays sort of warm all the time. What temperature should the tank stay? Do I need to buy a heater for my aquarium? How do i know what size to buy? I just adopted this for.
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The Oscar was described by Agassiz in 1831. They are found in South America; the Amazon River Basin, the Parana, the Rio Paraguay, and the Rio Negro. This species is not listed on the IUCN Red List. Other common names they are known by are Tiger Oscar, Velvet Cichlid, and Marble Cichlid.The many captive bred color variety names are based on developed coloration and patterning, with some of the best known being the Red Tiger Oscar, Red Oscar, Speckled Red Oscar, Albino Tiger Oscar, and Albino Red Oscar. Other more recent varieties are lutinos and long-finned. There are also some that have even been artificially colored or 'painted' to increase their appeal.Oscars have been introduced into natural waterways in China, Australia, and Florida as a by-product of the aquarium trade. Expansion into many non-native areas is somewhat restricted as they are intolerant of cooler water temperatures. They are a highly valued as a food fish in South America.They inhabit slow moving waters of rivers, canals and ponds with muddy or sandy bottoms, feeding on small fish, crayfish, worms and insect larvae. Do I Need a Heater? Temperature? Oscar Fish Tank
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Your water should be kept on the warmer side of tropical temperatures between 77 and 81°F. This is a little higher if the temperature then some tropical fish that could get away with a little bit lower temperatures but the Oscar fish needs at the higher range of 80° in around that.I ask because I am considering housing an oscar outdoors over summer and indoors when the months are cooler. It is easy to work out when will be too cold and have to move it inside but I began to worry that our summer would be too hot. The ambient daytime temperature in the shade reached 49°C (120°F) last year. Clearly the water temperature would be lower than this but from memory, even with dropping in some ice cubes, my outside fish tank reached 38°C (100°F). Remember that Oscar fish come from warmer, tropical climates. They need their tank water kept between Fahrenheit. You can do this by using an aquarium heater set to the proper temperature. Beyond a strong filtration system, you’ll need to cycle approximately to keep your fish healthy. Monitoring the temperature is also critical, oscars are highly susceptible to a variety of stress-related diseases when either held at prolonged periods of overly warm temperatures or even brief periods at temperatures below 70°F.You can set it on the lower side to save some electricity because these fish are pretty tough. I’ve seen people keep these fish in ponds that get pretty cold at night and they do just fine. Most people find themselves keeping their oscar tanks on the warm side though because of the other fish they are keeping with the oscars. Do you have other tropical fish that aren’t as tough as them (temperature wise).It's not fully understood why Oscars, or fish in general yawn. We do know that fish don't yawn to introduce oxygen into their body. There are two theories to as why fish yawn, it could be to remove irritations from within their mouth and throat, but it is more likely due to water conditions, either high nitrates or high water temperature.