Based on the ingredients included in Orijen Six Fish Dry Dog Food we give a 4.8 stars score.
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That’s conflicting info from what they advised me, as I was told the fish are sourced locally, meaning KY waters. I believe even the new KY bags state this, although I’m not 100%. Additionally, considering how low they scored according to Clean Label Project for heavy metals and environmental contaminants, I would steer clear of Orijen/Acana products until they rectify that.
The only difference I can find is that Acana has 60% fish and Orijen has 80%.
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Orijen (USA) is a grain-free meat-based dry dog food using an abundance of named meats and fish as its main sources of animal protein, thus earning the brand 5 stars. And these were the ingredients in the Canadian Orijen 6 fish.
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ORIJEN SIX FISH is loaded with unmatched inclusions of whole wild-caught fish, whisked to our kitchens from cold New England waters FRESH or RAW in richly nourishing WholePrey™ ratios.- High-protein and low-carbohydrate, ORIJEN 6 FRESH FISH with SEA VEGETABLES replicates the diet Mother Nature originally intended for adult dogs, but with a single-source protein and single-source carbohydrate. - Grain-free and very low in carbohydrate, each ORIJEN 6 FISH kibble is gently infused with fresh (not rendered) marine-source omega-3 fatty acids that are rich in EPA and DHA to support peak conditioning.Inspired by the rich diversity of fish indigenous to our local waters, ORIJEN 6 FISH features unmatched inclusions of saltwater and freshwater fish that are caught-wild within our region and whisked to our kitchens as fresh and cold as the waters they came from.Perhaps one of the most intriguing products Orijen puts out is its Six Fish Fresh Dry Dog Food, which is made of around 70% freshly-caught fish (this being from Canada, I’m inclined to believe them!) – Canadian salmon, lake trout, freshwater cod, herring, northern lake whitefish and walleye, to be precise. This high concentration of fresh fish protein makes their Six Fish combo very high in Omega-3 fatty acids, which is an innovative solution to a gap we’ve found in many dog foods. Luckily, Orijen has a great solution for you!Prepared from Canada’s best and freshest fish, fruits and berries in our very own kitchens, ORIJEN 6 FISH keeps your dog happy, healthy and strong — read our ingredients and we think you’ll be happy too!Loaded with protein-packed fish (80%) to support lean muscle mass and a supple skin and hair coat, ORIJEN’s award-winning low-carbohydrate, low-glycemic formula supports healthy blood sugar levels for peak conditioning and optimum body weight in dogs of all breeds and life stages.MOTHER NATURE EVOLVED ALL DOGS AS CARNIVORES, DESIGNED TO THRIVE ON A DIET RICH AND VARIED IN FRESH WHOLE MEATS WITH SMALLER AMOUNTS OF FRUITS, BERRIES AND GRASSES.
That’s why ORIJEN ADULT DOG features unmatched inclusions of cage-free Cobb chicken and turkey, whole nest-laid eggs and wild-caught herring and northern walleye — all farmed or fished within our region and then delivered to our kitchens FRESH EACH DAY, so they’re brimming with goodness to nourish your dog completely.
Loaded with richly-nourishing meat (80%) to maintain lean muscle mass, ORIJEN’s award-winning low-carbohydrate, low-glycemic formula supports healthy blood sugars and peak conditioning in all dogs of all breeds and lifestyles.
Prepared from Canada’s very best and freshest ingredients in our own kitchens here in Alberta, Canada, ORIJEN is guaranteed to keep your dog happy, healthy and strong READ OUR INGREDIENTS AND WE THINK YOU’LL AGREE.