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The big downside to ordering saltwater fish and corals online is undoubtedly the cost. You need to ship live saltwater fish and corals overnight–and overnight shipping is expensive. Plan on shipping to cost you $50-$75. Of course, the online saltwater fish and coral stores know this–and they tend to offer FREE SHIPPING when you exceed their minimum order amount. That sounds like a great deal (and it is) but the challenge can be that you will need to place an order somewhere between $150 and $250, which is no trivial sum. It is also (potentially) a lot of livestock to add to your tank all at once.
Interested in some of the fish you see on the list but live too far to come to the store? Our Online Sales Representatives would love to set up an order for you!
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ThatFishPlace started in 1973, as a small aquarium store in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, but the operation has grown significantly over the years. For me, and other Eastern, PA residents, ThatFishPlace is both an interesting local fish store with a giant fish room. For those of you who live beyond a reasonable driving radius (most likely YOU), the good news is that they are also an amazing online store. Freshwater Fish Starter Packs · Live Aquarium Plants · Live Rock · Pond Fish · Saltwater ..
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Most of the reputable saltwater fish and coral online stores have recommended procedures. Be sure to read up on those prior to ordering, so that you are ready when your saltwater fish and corals arrive. This is important to the health and wellbeing of the livestock you ordered, but is also extremely important if you want to be covered by any warranty the store may provide. Many of the warranty programs require you to follow certain acclimation steps and also require you to contact them immediately after the package is received if you notice a specimen that is dead on arrival.The microfauna found on live rock are detrivores and herbivores (as they eat algae and fish waste), and provide fish with a natural, attractive shelter. Live rock usually arrives from online dealers as "uncured", and must be quarantined in a separate tank while undergoing the curing process, which involves the inevitable die-off of some of the rock's inhabitants and the subsequent production of undesirable ammonia and nitrite. Live rock that is already cured is available at most pet stores that cater to saltwater. Live sand is similar to live rock and is equally desirable.I hope you found this list of online retailers supporting the saltwater aquarium hobby helpful. This is by no means an exhaustive list. One of the challenging things about this hobby is that stores pop up and unfortunately, disappear with regularity. My goal with this article is to point you in the direct of some of the most established, tried and true online saltwater fish and coral livestock stores to help you start your journey in considering getting those saltwater fish and corals shipped to your doorstep.Siamese fighting fish, who are often sold as “decorations” or party favors, are fighting for their lives as their popularity grows. Pet shops, discount superstores, florists, and even online catalogs sell Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens) in tiny cups or flower vases to consumers who are often uneducated about proper betta care. These tiny containers are not suitable for any fish.Customers love ReefHotSpot because they find a better selection of saltwater fish and live corals at a much better price than other tropical fish stores in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley (SFV), Canoga Park, Orange County, Pasadena, or Long Beach. ReefHotSpot does not sell wholesale to the Los Angeles market but other saltwater fish stores in the Los Angeles market buy from ReefHotSpot because our discount prices are wholesale so low. If you are in the market for rare or hard to find corals in Los Angeles, ReefHotSpot is worth the drive no matter where you are starting out. Many of our rare corals are half the price or less compared to other saltwater fish stores in the San Fernando Valley (SFV), Canoga Park, Encino, Hollywood, Pasadena, Orange County or Long Beach. Check out selection online and compare! ReefHotSpot's salwater fish store is located in West Los Angeles by LAX Airport and is just a short drive over the pass from the San Fernando Valley, Canoga Park, Encino, North Hollywood and Pasadena.