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The crew at Oceans Reefs & Aquariums threw down some pretty awesome news over the weekend,…
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As always, ORA - Oceans, Reefs & Aquariums set up one of the most stunning aquarium displays at MACNA 2015 this weekend. It's always an inspirational display of captive raised fish and corals. This year it was illuminated with two of our Orbit Marine PRO LEDs - here is a quick video of the tank with the lights set on a gradual color change mode.
Oceans Reefs and Aquariums has apparently snuck a new coral onto the captive grown marketplace.…
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Side view of Oceans, Reefs & Aquariums (ORA) coral and clam display at Global Pet Expo Orange County Convention Center lit with 2 100-watt LED Cannon Pendants Oceans Reefs and Aquariums is known mostly for their aquacultured fish and frags, but they’ve…
Photo provided by FlickrORA stands for "Oceans Reefs Aquariums"
Photo provided by FlickrThe meaning of ORA abbreviation is "Oceans Reefs Aquariums"
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Oceans, Reefs and Aquariums (ORA) marine ornamental hatchery produces aquacultured saltwater fish, maricultured corals, invertebrates, and live aquarium foods for the marine aquarium hobby. They are the largest producer and seller of marine ornamentals in the world.The Giant Ocean Tank is a Caribbean coral reef exhibit. The coral was handmade and painted by Aquarium artists. The habitat inside has more than 3,000 carefully sculpted coral elements, and it is so accurate that it can be hard to tell it isn’t real. Coral reefs are found throughout the world’s tropical and subtropical oceans. Tropical Atlantic coral reefs, such as the one represented in the Giant Ocean Tank, extend as far north as the Bahamas. Aquarium divers and researchers go on regular expeditions to these habitats. Visit and learn even more during daily live presentations at the top of the tank!We had originally intended to do a generalized recap from 2013 focusing on all of the amazing livestock we came across during the year. As we compiled our list, however, we found that Oceans Reefs & Aquariums (ORA) basically dominated all of the other stories. After all, they introduced the aquarium keeping world to several new captive bred fish and a handful of new aquacultured coral frags. So, we decided to give ORA their very own roundup.Center gorgeous infinity edge round tank lit with Cannon LED 100-watt Pendants at Oceans, Reefs & Aquariums (ORA) booth at at Global Pet Expo Orange County Convention Center 2012.Below you’ll find all of our ORA coverage from the year, starting with the most recent story and moving on to the oldest. It’s hard to pick a favorite, and all of them were quite popular, so it’s difficult to even pick based on that metric. Regardless, we applaud the fantastic work by Oceans Reefs & Aquariums and can’t wait to see what 2014 holds for them.Side view of Oceans, Reefs & Aquariums (ORA) coral and clam display at Global Pet Expo Orange County Convention Center lit with 2 100-watt LED Cannon Pendants