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In addition to natural décor, plants provide vital functions for aquariums as well.
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Plastic: Plastic plants offer many benefits. While they do not produce oxygen for the water like natural plants do, there is no and they require minimal care. With such a large variety of types and colors, plastic plants can really beautify your aquarium. If you decide to use plastic plants for your Betta's tank, make sure that you clean them every time you change the water.
Good article providing encouragement to opt for natural plants in the aquarium.
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When you are choosing your aquatic plants you want to make sure that they are naturally resilient, hardy and low maintenance. The best plants for your fish tank or aquarium would be green plants. Green plants don’t need that much sunlight and care. A more natural-looking aquarium. Live plants do look more natural than plastic decorations.
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Photo provided by FlickrA large planted tank following a nature aquarium layout at Aqua Forest Aquariums in San Francisco, CA. can be seen in this video:
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If you take a look at all these benefits, you will give up your instantly. The reason why you became passionate about aquariums was because you wanted to create your own natural element. After you bring home your first real plants, you will notice what a huge impact they have. Even a single floating plant will make a dramatic difference and you will be eager to place more and more in the tank.Freshwater fish are often collected from natural streams and rivers in the wild. Their natural habitats consist of many aquatic plants. By introducing these plants to the aquarium, it will help to mimic their wild environment. It also adds to the beauty of the aquarium. Aquariums are about recreating the wild, natural habitat of the fish. Not to lock them up in a glass box. It is a great idea to research your fish breed and attempt to locate plants that are appropriate to their wild habitat. Your local fish store may also have some wisdom on what plants are appropriate.Why are Aquatic Plants a huge benefit to the aquarium? Aquatic Plants are not just natural decoration but also have many chemical and physical benefits. Aquatic Plants are very important when it comes to a thriving, healthy aquarium. Aquatic Plants are recommended for both novice and expert aquarium hobbyists. Below we discus the top 6 benefits of adding Aquatic Plants to your aquarium.An eco-complete substrate such as the is also a great natural looking substrate to use in planted aquariums. It also lasts long and contains all the nutrients plants and your aquatic creatures require for thriving and growing.Believe it or not, your aquatic plants have a strong root system that holds the substrate in place. Aquatic plants have very similar root systems to . The substrate becomes more stable and less likely to be disturbed by the filter outflow or aggressive fish. This is beneficial to the aesthetics and anaerobic processes contained within the substrate. Some plants will instead attach themselves to rocks or driftwood. This is not beneficial to the substrate but will create a natural look in the aquarium. Such plants as Anubias and Java Ferns are especially beneficial in cleaning the water column of nitrates and liquid excrements.Welcome to the next step up in having an aquarium, the planted aquarium. "But wait.... I have had plants in my tank before?" Yes most people have, but a planted aquarium attempts to mimic a natural environment.