Top 15 Natural Fry (Baby) Fish Foods for Optimum Growth

Shrimp being gutloaded with Bottom Bites natural fish food.
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There you have it, the freshest and most natural flake fish food around! Best of all, it was you who make the food. Now, just sit back and watch as your fish take on enhanced coloring and improved health! Remember, you control the fish in the tank, so you might as well have control over their diet. Thank you for reading this article on how to make fish food flakes. Please feel free to leave any comments or questions you may have!
Frozen Food – Provides variety of balance, a must for certain fish (a more natural food source).
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Bio-fortified (Gut-loaded) Worms and Larvae – Fed nutritious items such as or chlorella just before feeding to fish. Worms are high in protein and larvae is a natural food for many fish in the wild. Blood worms (allergen) are a popular choice of breeders, but we suggest feeding them in moderation. Natural Anti-parasite Foods for Fish Food Recipes:
Photo provided by FlickrFrozen Food – Provides variety of balance, a must for certain fish (a more natural food source).
Photo provided by FlickrOther Natural Anti-Parasite Treatments for Fish Food Recipes:
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Immunition Bottom Bites are a proprietary blend, formulated based on extensive scientific research by independent experts, scientists and universities. Each and every ingredient is carefully chosen for specific benefits, balanced and combined for ultimate bio-availability and utilization. There is a special focus on natural immunity, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-parasite properties. Nothing brings out fish colors like premium health, and Bottom Bites are also packed with natural color enhancers that enhance red, yellow, blue, and everything in between. There are no short-cuts and no economizing with sacrificed quality, and no extreme temperatures to obliviate the naturally sourced nutrients as we see in manufactured pelleted & flaked fish food. What's more, fish, snails and shrimp devour this natural fish food with great enthusiasm! (Check out the testimonials below).We believe in using only 100% natural ingredients to give your fish the best possible food. Our food is made daily using NO preservatives guaranteeing the food you buy is always fresh. Bestflake brand Fishfood has always and will always be proudly manufactured in the USA using ingredients that are grown and processed in the USA.Some people who get involved with aquaponics are interested in creating a complete natural cycle, which includes their source of fish food. This may not be the best approach for the novice since you have enough to deal with in the first place with a new system. But if your arrangement is small enough or you're ambitious enough, you can add this into the mix. Bottom Bites fish food also contains 12 super-vegetables, and we add just enough super-fruits to provide the benefits they offer without polluting the environment. They are further fortified with human-grade, natural Vitamins and Minerals, along with immunity-building herbs. If it's available in organic and/or human-grade, that's what we use.Natural fish food shipped directly to you and your fish. Let us be your go to supplier whenever your fish get hungry. Whether you need just a little or bulk fish food pellets, fish flakes and freeze dried fish food, be assured your fish will be getting the very best fish food available. By aquarium hobbyists for aqaurium hobbyists we can provide a fresh and reliable source of the finest fishfood and aquarium supplies at factory direct prices. Now you can feed your fish a healthy natural diet of fish food.Bottom Bites are a low-temp dehydrated fish/invertebrate food that is highly concentrated and packed with premium, naturally-sourced nutrition - feed sparingly. When feeding Bottom Bites fish food to your tropical fish, crustaceans, reptiles or invertebrates, keep in mind that three ounces of this food equals almost a pound of fully reconstituted food - a nickel-size piece will feed a lot of aquatic pets. All varieties of Bottom Bites are thin, sinking, stable in water, and may be crushed for small fish or those reluctant to bottom-feed.