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Info: Mondo grass, even dwarf mondo grass, is not appropriate for fish aquariums
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Mondo grass is not fully aquatic, although it can grow in moist (NOT wet) soil (as long as the leaves aren't submerged). Neither are the little palm trees, peacock moss (Selaginella), purple waffle, or the "lucky bamboo" that you see at the same stores. Even places like PetSmart are selling it as "semiaquatic" instead of aquatic now probably because so many people have complained about it dying. It's a step in the right direction, but it still won't last very long in an aquarium no matter what you call it.
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With the cork in place, I filled the beach area with an inch of coconut fiber soil, then topped it with three inches of aquarium gravel. I added some mondo grass, , a plant that is mistakenly sold as purely aquatic but actually does quite well partly submerged, as I will be using it. This species did particularly well in the early iteration of this tank. For the land area, I added a bottom layer of large gravel for drainage, and then filled it to the top with coconut fiber. Mondo grass in aquarium? - Aquarium Advice - Aquarium Forum Community
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Photo provided by FlickrSo I was told in my last post to take the mondo grass out of the aquarium
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Misc. Info: Mondo grass, even dwarf mondo grass, is not appropriate for fish aquariums. Even though they are often sold as aquatic plants in pet stores, these are not aquatic plants, and they will not survive for long in an aquarium.If you like Mondo grass, use it in a terrarium or as a landscaping plant. If you want something that looks like it for use in an aquarium, find a place that sells Sagittaria subulata "dwarf" by name. It gas a very similar growth form, but isn't quite as dark of a green.Numerous non-aquatic plants are traded, and theseare most often bought by newcomers to the hobby. Commonly tradednon-aquatic species include Japanese rush ();Malayan swordplant (); wheat plant or Siam lily(); umbrella plant or aquatic palm(); dragon and bamboo plants (various species); hairgrass ( spp.); nerveplant (); purple waffle (); mondo grass (); aluminiumplant (); umbrella or peacock fern (); and aquatic or Borneo fern (). It doesn't matter how well you maintain youraquaria, these non-aquatic plants simply won't live for long whensubmerged underwater.Lastly HeyPK is correct.....Mondo Grass is a terrarium plant, not an aquarium plant. It will eventually die. The swords, besides needing more light, are heavy root feeders. Along with the Flourish pick up some Seachem Plant Tabs to put by their roots.I saw that they're selling Mondo grass in the local Petsmart store. I was wondering if this is a plant I can use for my aquarium. There are dealers online that sell it for gardens, and others sell it for ponds / aquariums....so I'm somewhat confused.Community Aquarium Part 7.
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This is 150 Gallon Freshwater Community Aquarium.
I ad some antiq driftwood.

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Cardinal Plant - Tissue Cultured(Lobelia cardinalis "Dwarf"),
ChainSword - Narrow Leaf(Echinodorus tenellus),(Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Green'), (Lobelia cardinalis "Dwarf"), (Bacopa caroliniana), (Eleocharis parvula), (Staurogyne repens), (Alternanthera reineckii var 'roseafolia'),Anubias
Aquarium Grass Type:
Micro Sword (Lilaeopsis novae-zelandiae),Corkscrew Vallisneria,Acorus,Green Mondo Grass.
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