How to prevent female molly fish from eating its own baby fry

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I wanted to create this help guide on different aspects Molly fish owners can take on their fish being pregnant. There are a couple different paths you can choose to go down. I like to give two routes in this situation. You can choose to not care for the babies on their way or you can choose to keep some of the baby fry and watch them grow into adults.
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Mollies breed using internal fertilization. The male molly inseminates the eggs while they are inside the female. She carries the eggs inside her until the fry, or newborn fish, are ready to be released. White Dalmatian Molly Fish Fry/babies few days old - YouTube
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im planning to get some black mollies but i am stuck. i want to have the experience of keeping fry, but i was wondering is it hard to deal with fry when the fish keep on having fry all the time? because i see people loving mollies but aren't they stressed with all the births? do mollies really give birth every month of their lives? if your molly would give birth how many fry would survive after the 3 other mollies eat the fry. im going crazy thinking what to do!!Cute little Molly fry that were born not long ago! Will be moving these little fishies into another tank to prevent them from becoming "sushi" to the other Mollies in there.If you don't want to upset the mother fish, then a separate tank to place the female molly inworks best (as long as it has a lot of hornwort in it to prevent the mother fish from eatingthe fry). Because the mother fish is busy giving birth and there are no other fish present,this gives the fry a pretty good chance of survival. As soon as she is finished giving birth tothe fry you should remove her and place her back in the main aquarium. I had a pregnant female black and white speckled molly female in this net. I knew she was pregnant. When I woke up and went to feed the fish, I saw these little guys swimming about. Cute!

*2012 Update on these fish fry. A huge majority of these fish survived and were donated to a local fish/plant nursery store. There were well over 40 fish*Preparation is the best insurance toward successfully caring for your molly fry. Plants should be in place, the pregnant females already separated. It saves you the time and effort of trying to separate the fish after they have been born.The baby Mollies can be fed daphnia, egg yolk, newly hatched brine shrimp, or commercially prepared baby livebearer food. After a time, you can use tropical flakes or pellets to feed them until they get mature. Live fish foods like black worms, grindal worms, and blood worms help to boost the raising of baby Mollies. In nature, the primary food of Molly fish is algae, so you could add some aquatic plants to the fry tank to provide them a place for hiding as well as supply some vegetable foods. You should feed the baby fish just enough to avoid dirty water harmful for the fish.