At a Glance—Marineland Biowheel LED Aquarium 10 Gallon Kit Includes:

MARINELAND® 10 Gallon BioWheel LED Aquarium Kit
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…provide easy access for feeding. Marineland Contour Desktop Aquarium Kits are available... in 3 gallon and 5 gallon models. Specifications Aquarium Capacity Aquarium Dimensions Overall Dimensions(With Base and LED Light) LEDs Contour 3(Mfg# ML90610) 3 gallons 9-3/4" x 9-3/4" x 9-1/8"…
Marineland 10 gallon aquarium overview - YouTube
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Our wonderful ten gallon Glofish aquarium. We have Five neon danios (Glofish)- Purple, Blue, Green, Orange and Pink..Two Fancy Guppies (tiger/leopard looking tale), Dalmation Molly and a Red Wag Platy. All tend to get along rather well. All of them are community fish. Although, our Dalmation Molly tends to be greedy with the food in the Kids love it. It has, as you can see in the video, two light settings and an off switch integrated as well.

Our Aquarium:

MARINELAND® 10 Gallon BioWheel LED Aquarium Kit -


Dalmation Molly -

Red Wag Platy -

GloFish -

Guppies (we have two males):

Products that are in our Aquarium:

Plastic plants with ceramic bottom -

Stainless Steel Thermometer -

SpongeBob SquarePants house -

Exotic Environments Caribbean Living Reef Aquarium Ornament -

SubstrateSource "Cholla Wood" Aquarium Driftwood 6 Inch -

Penn-Plax® Flexible Air-Line Tubing for Aquariums -

Top Fin Premium Quality Aquarium Gravel (a couple in solid black, 2 in the multi neon color -

Top Fin 12 Inch Aquarium Air Stone -

Top Fin Aquarium Air Pump -

Palm Tree is our Daughters plastic toy from a dinosaur play set, the kids wanted to add it and it works great!! :)


Thank Y'all for Watching!!

Review of Marineland Biowheel 10 Gallon Aquarium Kit (LED Light)
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The 10 gallon fish tank is the most popular fish tank on our website. Although there are some variations to the standard 10 gallon aquarium the major brands including Marineland, AGA (Aqueon), Top Fin, and Seaclear all carry a similar standard 10 gallon glass aquarium. This page was made to assist you in finding the right 10 gallon fish tank for you. Included in this page are:Marineland® 10 Gallon Half-Moon Desktop Aquarium

Baby platy eating!! :
Update on my 10 gallon halfmoon fish tank. Got a cool sunken pirate ship as a decoration. I removed one of the plants and pushed the other ones in the corner, so there is enough space for the fish to swim around. I know my tank is already overstocked (has 13 fish right now - but a red one is always hiding in either the coral or its new hope the ship) I might add 1-2 more Neon Tetra's because I think they look awesome.

3 Neon Tetras
2 Rasbora Heteromorpha Danio (1 died, got stuck in the filter :( )
2 Redtailed Black Variatus
1 Yellow Guppy
1 Glowlight Tetra
1 Buenos Aires Tetra
1 Red Glass Barb
1 Gold Twin-barred Platy

1 Moss Ball

(NEW: Not in video)
2 Peppered Cory Catfish
2 Panda Cory Catifh
1 Oto Catfish

2-3 large fake plants on the left
1 medium sized fake grass-like plant on the right
1 giant coral centerpiece
1 medium sized sunken pirate ship
1 medium sized half dug in rockLarge equipment can be a problem when it comes to the normal 10 gallon aquarium hood. The cut out for the equipment can only be so large before the hood is no longer structurally sound. Try not to use oversized equipment unless you have very specific plans for them. For the perfect hood reasonable sized cut outs and lighting are our key factors. Combining these two allows us maximum heat retention, evaporation prevention and a hassle free tank setup. Additionally when a hood is set up properly cleaning and feeding will be far easier. Don't allow yourself to "deal with" a slightly annoying feeding time. The annoyance of a difficult feeding time will not wear off over time. Here we have the most widely used 10 gallon aquarium hood in existence. This didn't happen by accident. The Marineland LED light hood has every feature an aquarist could want built in.All in all the Marineland Bio-Wheel 10 Gallon aquarium kit is undoubtedly the best bang for the bucks you spend. It comes loaded with all the features that you need to make your fish happy and it is very easy to assemble and maintain.