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The most important key to success, especially with a small marine tank, is water changes. Regular, partial water changes are crucial to the health of any aquarium and more so the smaller the tank. In a smaller amount of water, water quality can deteriorate easily and quickly, resulting in problems for the tank inhabitants. Regular (once a week if possible) partial (20 percent or so) water changes are imperative. One store that I know will not sell a small marine tank (at least to a beginner) unless they also buy 5 gallons of saltwater. They give away the 5-gallon container and either sell it filled with salt water or include 5 gallons of salt water mix with the sale. Without regular partial water changes, many small marine tanks fail.
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Many local fish stores have at least one marine fish nano tank on their counter. Some stores offer a variety of nano tanks, ones that they have set up and have on display, for direct sale “as is.” They simply put the fish and invertebrates into containers, put the water into a 5 gallon jug(s), and the happy customer walks out with the tank and reassembles everything at their home or office. Because of their small size, nano tanks are usually very affordable, and they will do well for a long time as long as you don’t overfeed and you religiously perform water changes. I have two nano tanks here on my desk, and for a few years, one of them had a very happy peacock mantis shrimp. The other one was home to a nice clownfish and some other shrimps for a long time. A nano tank can make a very economical and interesting aquarium–without costing much at all. Zillow has 17 homes for sale in Clearwater FL matching Clearwater Marine Aquarium
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