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Mardel Maracyn Two Antibacterial Aquarium Medication treats and controls a number of gram-negative pathogenic bacteria that can cause serious disease and even death in aquarium fish. This safe, fast-acting powder formula is non-toxic to invertebrates and safe for use in fresh and marine aquariums.

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Mardel Maracyn Plus Antibacteria Medication is for mouth fungus, popeye, dropsy, and ulcers. Microscopic biospheres attach directly to the fish delivering the medication where it is needed. Suitable for fresh or saltwater.

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Medicating Bettas is very similar to taking medicine for yourself. You wouldn’t take cough medicine if you had a headache. Fish medicine is developed to treat specific illnesses. Antibiotics like Maracyn or Maracyn-Two work very well against bacterial infections but will do nothing for virus or . You have to know what is wrong with your fish before you medicate him (or at least have made an educated guess first).This bacterial disease is often seen in the mouth region. This may be because fish are more likely to be infectedafter an injury of some sort and fish often damage their mouth region. For example, I once had an angelfish that damaged its mouth duringcourtship behavior. It develped a columnaris infection soon afterwards, which made it look likeit had a small piece of cotton stuck in its mouth. Thankfully, it was successfully treated withMaracyn and lived for several more years. Fish with columnaris infections in the mouthregion may be unable to eat.QT was 2 20g tanks, sponge filters in both, 50% water changes every other day using tap water (no RO at QT site, AKA parents house). New water was treated using amquel+, i have used this stuff religously in the past for QT. Put 1 tablet of maracyn 1 and 2 directly into water. Parents say fish was alive this morning, went to house tonight (approximately 24 hours later), found both angels, and the butterfly dead. Purple tang was near death on the floor barely breathing. Did an emergency 75% water change, tang died (most likely due to stress). I took the clown out and put him in fresh saltwater, he revived after 30mins. Cardinals never showed any sign of stress. I dont know what could have been wrong, even with a massive nitrosoma dieoff could it spike the ammonia that high? I mean i would of thought a 75% water change would be fine with amquel. I am so confused and distraught right now.Mardel Maracyn 2 Anti-Bacterial Fish Medication provides freshwater fish or saltwater fish relief from bacterial infections, including fin & tail rot, popeye, dropsy, gill disease, septicemia, or secondary or internal infections. This anti-bacterial powder is a broad spectrum antibiotic (minocycline) developed for use in aquariums. Its unique properties allow it to be absorbed by the fish through the skin. Maracyn 2 is primarily effective against gram-negative pathogenic organisms. During the prescribed treatment, the concentration of minocycline in the fish fluids rises to a therapeutic level, making it available to fight systematic infections susceptible to this action. Non-toxic to invertebrates. All suspected bacterial infections should be treat immediately. Package includes 24 - 0.6 gram Powder Packets.

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