Live fish for sale free delivery and gauranteed live delevery. Aquaponics Pond Stocking.
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All of our live products cannot be shipped or sold online. You may purchase these at the hatchery and take them home or have them delivered to anywhere in Ohio – ask about our delivery rates and don’t forget to for when we visit county Soil and Water Conservation districts for fish sales as well, to cut down on your travels. You may purchase all of our other products such as windmills, pond conditioners and muck reducers, and more on our website with shipping to anywhere in the continental United States.
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Pond King offers carryout and delivery options depending distance to your pond and lake, and the amount of fish being purchased. If you’re looking for smaller quantities of live fish for sale, you can come visit our shop near Lindsay, Texas and purchase live fish on the spot. (We recommend calling ahead to confirm what is currently in stock, since live fish availability and pricing are subject to change.)If you are looking to purchase large quantities of live fish, you’ll want to speak with a Pond King biologist who can help you. We sell fish for Pond Stocking and we are the areas largest wholesaler of live bait
Photo provided by FlickrWe hatch, grow, raise live trout for sales to private clubs, communities, fishing tournaments, lakes, ponds, and restraunts
Photo provided by Flickr50 pound bag - $25.00. Pond Fertilizer* 5 gallons - $25.00 *plus applicable sales tax. Carolina Fish Hatchery hatches and raises several varieties of live fish for
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We sell fish for Pond Stocking and we are the areas largest wholesaler of live bait. We carry a large selection of Live Bait including: Night Crawlers, Garden Worms, Blackheads, Meal Worms, Wax Worms, Butter Worms and Blood(Sea) Worms, Spikes, Leeches, Shiners, Fatheads, Rosey Red Minnows, Tadpoles, Crayfish, and Eels.Since there are many commercial hatcheries that produce fish for sale to pond owners, it is best to consult several suppliers to see who has the best prices and delivery schedules. Also, do not hesitate to ask questions about the fish you’re buying in order to insure you’re getting your money’s worth. The following questions are suggested, and reputable fish producers will be happy to answer them.If you’re wondering where you can find live fish for sale to stock your pond or lake in Texas or Oklahoma, Pond King has you covered. Pond King is conveniently located in North Texas – near the Oklahoma border – and carries a variety of different freshwater species for stocking ponds and stocking lakes, including specialty strains like Florida Bass, F1 Tiger Bass, Hybrid Crappie and Hybrid Stripers.