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Aquarium Setup - Aquascape - Step by Step and Final Product - Live Planted Fish Tank, via YouTube.
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Having been in the hobby for more than 20 years, I have owned most types of aquarium setups, but freshwater, live-planted aquariums are still my favorite type. Now all my aquariums are planted tanks. The cool green color shades and textures are what attract me most to aquatic plants. My local club now happens to be the largest local aquatic plant club in the nation, Southern California Aquatic Plant Enthusiasts (SCAPE). Soon after I joined, I was elected as a board member.
Aquarium Setup - Aquascape - Step by Step and Final Product - Live Plant...
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Second part of the video-report from Aquatics Live 2012 show, organized in London on 10-11th November. This time I show aquariums at the booth of AquaJardin company. Altogether five aquariums, the first one is marine saltwater aquarium manufactured by the company Red Sea. The layout consists of living rock, there are no hardcorals here, and there are some Scalefin Anthias, and some other saltwater tropical fish. The three aquarium setups are freshwater, planted tanks. Aquarium plants are provided by Tropica. The first tank has plants for beginners, easy to keep and grow in low-light condition, without CO2 supplementation. Mostly they are Microsorum and Cryptocoryne species. The aquarium is stocked with fish of the Hyphessobrycon genus. The second aquarium is a moderate-level tank, with plants requiring higher levels of light, aquarium fertilizers, and CO2 supplementation. It is stocked with beautiful Electric Blue Ram cichlids. And finally, the third planted aquarium, the biggest of them, is an advance-level setup, with plants requiring high level of light, delicately balanced amounts aquarium fertilizers, and CO2 supplementation. There are nice tropical aquarium fish here, namely Beckford's pencilfish and Apistogramma agassizi. And finally, the fourth planted aquarium at AquaJardin's booth is a really small Do Aqua! tank, planted with Myriophyllum stemmed plants, and stocked with Sawbwa resplendens and one Betta fish. No LED lighting was used in these aquariums, only T5 fluorescent tubes or compact fluorescent lamps. Live plant aquarium setup
Photo provided by FlickrAquarium Setup - Aquascape - Step by Step and Final Product - Live Planted Fish Tank
Photo provided by FlickrHow to Setup a Freshwater Aquarium with Live Plants.
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A 10 gallon aquarium is a popular choice for beginning hobbyists. Many hobbyists set up a 10 gallon aquarium as a low light, low tech freshwater tropical community tank. Other 10 gallon aquarium setup ideas include species tanks for , , , , , , and . A 10 gallon aquarium may also be planted with live plants such as , , and . Finally, a 10 gallon aquarium setup can be a good choice for a fry tank or a temporary quarantine tank for sick fish.