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We use real sand, real live rock from the ocean, living coral, and reef compatible fish
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In the heart of L.A. Live in downtown Los Angeles, across from Staples Center, you will find a welcoming spot filled with delicious food, lovely spirits and warm smiles. Welcome to Rock’n Fish. We are thrilled to be able to bring the wildly popular Manhattan Beach institution to the city’s premier entertainment center.
Speedy Live Fish, a subsidiary of Aquarium Enterprises, is a saltwater aquarium installation and service company based in Hayden, Idaho
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We want to encourage you to order with all confidence your fish will arrive alive and healthy. Combining all possible shipping methods--air freight, overnight delivery service, etc.--we maintain a 98-per-cent-plus live delivery rate. The secret is use of the correct water in combination with plenty of pure oxygen and the right chemical additives, when needed. We supply references, upon request. We ship to ensure repeat customers. Interested in some of the fish you see on the list but live too far to come to the store? Our Online Sales Representatives would love to set up an order for you!
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One reason fish are so diverse is that 70 percent of the planet is covered in water. The animals in this group live in a variety of habitats ranging from coral reefs and kelp forests to rivers, streams, and the open ocean. Another is that fish are very old on the evolutionary scale. According to fossil records, they have been on Earth for more than 500 million years! The total number of living fish species—about 32,000— is greater than the total of all other vertebrate species (amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals) combined.Live Delivery
Dave's Rare Aquarium Fish (DRAF) finds the primary concerns of aquarists ordering fish for the first time via "mail" involve the delivery itself. They want to know if the fish will get to them alive. This is a valid and logical concern. To ship fish so that they arrive at their destination alive and healthy, the source needs to know what it's doing.....and have all of the equipment necessary to do it! takes experience to determine a method of delivery that provides the best combination of safety, economy and convenience for each individual order.Cost of Delivery
There is no truly inexpensive means by which to supply same-day or next-day interstate delivery of healthy, live fish. For most orders, the cost will run from $35 to $85, depending upon size of order, destination and type of delivery. However, in addition to the overall selection and rarity of the fishes we offer, our prices are extremely competitive. We would ask you to perform this exercise: Put together a list constituting your tentative order and divide the estimated freight cost by the number of fish ordered to see how little the freight is really costing! Remember, too, that outside Texas you save state sales tax., a biotechnology company that does everything from building better biofuels to removing trans fats in foods, has figured out how to sustainably transport large amounts of live fish across long distances. In 2000, Michael opened Rock’ N Fish. His first full service restaurant concept, a seafood and steak house in Manhattan Beach that has become a favorite for locals and visitors. In 2009, he opened his second Rock’N Fish restaurant at L.A. Live located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.In 1995, the company added both farm raised and wild species of other live fish to its product line, continuing its commitment to provide quality products and satisfy the needs of a dynamic market. It is that same commitment that has enabled Delaware Valley Fish Company to be recognized as a leader in the industry.