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I have both a mix of live and fake plants, I find it that having a mixture works really well, the fake plants grow algae for algae eaters while providing hiding places for my fish and the live plants oxygenate my water. As far as which is better? Beats me but I like ha icing the best of both worlds, and also it allows me to add more of a variety of fish to my tank, most live plant aquariums only allows nano fish unless u have a really big tank I would say 70+ gallons, but what I would recommend for all you beginners out ther is do a mix, since it will allow you to set up a nice looking tank fast and also let you slowly learn how to care for live plants without being overwhelmed by a large garden, also if your plant die it will be less to replace when you try again.
Fish can actually live longer, healthier lives and sometimes even grow larger in an aquarium than they do in the wild.
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Live plants in aquariums also stunt the , so the tank will have less need of cleaning. They keep nitrate and nitrite levels low- provided they aren’t constantly being eaten up by the fish in the tank.
Photo provided by FlickrIn short, live aquarium plants are essential in the creation of a natural or close to natural environment for most freshwater aquarium fish.
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About 1,800 tropical fish species are involved in the international trade, says of the New England Aquarium in Boston and Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island. Hundreds more species of invertebrates, including live corals, are also part of this pipeline.These are my two daphnia cultures. I bought a little plastic bag with daphnia at my local aquarium shop. This is how you make your DIY live fish food. Daphnia is also supposed to be really great food for most aquarium fish - i know my fish love them and love catching them.
1: Find a flat container - the bigger the more daphnia you can keep. Needs to be flat - with low water to make gas exchange better (give oxygene to your daphnia).
2: I had some oyster shell from my barn (i hold chickens that love to eat this every now and then). I put about an inch (2-3 cm) of oyster shell. These help keep ph value high. You can probably use any shells you can find on the beach - or chalk..ish stones or gravel..
3: Fill up with tap water and keep under flourscent lights or in a window seal. No need for heat as they like any room temperature comfortable for you and even colder.
4: Let this mature. You could make this mature faster by adding infusoria water. It took me some weeks before the daphnia started to thrive... actually they started to thrive when the algae started so they might like that.
5: You can add some snails that will eat what leftovers fall to the bottom.
6: Add some daphnia. I feed mine with very finely crushed 30% spirulina fish food and they seem to like that and are really healthy growing right now... maybe exploding.
7: I harvest around 1/3 of the grown ups every other day - using a small net or artemia siff with big enough holes to leave the smaller daphnia to grow up and reproduce untill big enough to get caught. I catch the smaller sizes too when i have fry or for my soon to come triops ;)Experience the most realistic coral reef you'll find without having to purchase an actual aquarium. Sim Aquarium lets you choose among five intricately detailed 3D coral reef scenes and one special scene with close-up of a sea anemone hosting Percula Clownfish (Nemo fish). You can populate your aquarium with up to 100 fish from the selection of 30 highly detailed species of fish with complex swimming behaviors and artificial intelligence. Using your mouse pointer, you can play with your fish pets and touch them by their tails or noses. They will stop to inspect or dart away into safety. You can also feed the fish, but unlike the real fish, they wont turn upside down and float up if you don't feed them regularly.

FEATURES: - Five intricately detailed 3D coral reef scenes.
- Live desktop wallpaper mode.
- Full interaction with the fish and their environment.
- 30 highly detailed fish species with complex swimming behaviors and appearance.
- Realistic anemone tentacles physics and fluid simulation.
- Advanced graphic effects like fish iridescence, raytraced light caustics, complex water surface.There are few things more satisfying in aquarium care than enjoying a well-planted tank you created yourself. Done right, live plants are beautiful additions to your tank. Just like fish they grow larger, sometimes expand to take up new territory, exchange gasses, consume food, create waste and may even procreate.