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Aquarium Hood Lighting Color Changing Remote Controlled Dimmable LED Light for Aquarium Fish Tank
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So you have a 20 gallon aquarium and need a hood and light to go with it? sounds pretty familiar. When I bought my own tank I found a used 20 long. As I already had plenty of fish keeping experience it didn't take long to have my tank fully up and running with the best 20 gallon aquarium hood I could find. For this guide I will be focused on 20 longs, 30L x 13W x 13H, and 20 talls, 24L 13W 17H. I personally like to give my fish more width to watch them swim but tall tanks allow for different designs and beautiful plant/coral displays.
LOOK: AE SHOP LED Aquarium Hood Lighting Fish Tank Light lamp for Freshwater Saltwater
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Nicrew LED Hood Light for Aquarium Fish Tank, Adjustable from 28" - 36" Length *** Read more reviews of the product by visiting the link on the image. Nicrew LED Aquarium Hood Lighting Fish Tank Light for Freshwater and Saltwater, Blue and White Light
Photo provided by FlickrUse this! COODIA Aquarium Hood Lighting Color Changing Remote Controlled Dimmable RGBW LED Light for Aquarium Fish Tank
Photo provided by FlickrSears features fish tank lighting and hoods. Select lighting for a great look without messing with the water temperature. Find Coralife lights at Sears.
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In order the typical heat out put goes metal halide, mercury vapor, incandescent, power compact, full spectrum florescent and finally LED lighting. Metal halide is so hot that it is actually dangerous to handle as they will stay hot long after the power is removed.

With the lighting types all sorted there's a few more factors that determine the heat your lights will be transferring to your tank. The first note is placement. Many large reef tanks will have these lights suspended over the tank with no lid. This allows the air to flow freely and cool off with the surface exchange. With that problem out of the way the lights can be closer to the water and allow for the most light to reach corals. An optimal set-up in most situations.

A more common set-up in the household is the aquarium hood with a light installed inside. This keeps all the heat in the casing, meaning more of the heat will transfer to the air between the light and the water, thus heating the water. A small amount will transfer into the hood and then the outside of the tank, but this will be minimal. These set-up are the ones that can really cook our fish in the summer time.

The set-up I prefer to use is a light strip placed above the tank with a glass lid between the two. This keeps almost all of the heat out of the tank while still allowing the light to be close. The use of glass between the light and tank does reduce the light that corals get but only by a small amount. More importantly it protects the light from mist and keeps the tank cool during hot summers. This allows me to run tanks year round without the use of chillers. COODIA Ultrathin LED Aquarium Light Tank Hood Lighting Fish Tank Planted Aquatic Pets Lamp with Extendable Brackets, White and Blue LEDs (for fresh and salt water) (18–30 inch)Aquarium Lights [Mingdak] LED Fish Tank hood light for Freshwater and Saltwater, universal Extendable stands, 36 Leds,11-inch,Lighting Color white and BlueLighting that is suitable for fish-only saltwater as well as freshwater fish aquariums, light hoods are available in a choice of finishes, a wide range of sizes, and come equipped with standard or NO (Normal Output) fluorescent bulb or tube configurations. Designed for standard gallon sized tanks, such as a 10, 20L, 20H, 40B, 55, 75 and many others, from this list of top pick basic fluorescent light hoods, it shouldn't be hard to find one to fit your aquarium.