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Full Spectrum 18W LED Aquarium Light for Reef Corals, Freshwater and Refugiums #ecosunled
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LED aquarium lighting continues to be a fan favorite among reef hobbyists because they are energy efficient, controllable and customizable and generate low heat to the tank. We carry Kessil, EcoTech Marine Radion, Vertex Illumina, Giesemann TESZLA and Aqua Illuminations Sol, Nano, Vega and Hydra fixtures, controllers and hanging kits. The LED bulbs themselves last a very long time and require a fraction of the electricity required by T5 and metal halide lighting. Additionally, aquarium LED lights offer maximum flexibility to fine tune light coloration, intensity and shimmer without having to replace bulbs because each LED is controllable. LED aquarium lights are dimmable with sunrise/sunset, moonlight and storm/cloud simulation.
Led Reef Aquarium Lights
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Actinic lighting replicates the blue light that penetrates the waters of our world's oceans. The natural lighting requirements are more easily met with the use of Aquatop's SLA series of LED lights and promote a healthier marine coral system. By utilizing the specific wavelength of 460 nm, Aquatop’s design team was able to produce a light that produces constant and very notable PAR values at depths where other LED systems would struggle. Don’t waste your money on high dollar fixtures that consume vast amount of electricity. The SLA series has proven itself in many marine applications and should be high on your list for upgrades to your marine ecosystem. |y","aquarium-reef-actinic-led-light-24-inch")" id="check-aquarium-reef-actinic-led-light-24-inch" type=checkbox> Compare The Euphotica LED aquarium light is designed for marine fish tanks and reef aquariums containing corals.
Photo provided by FlickrThis LED light has been specially designed for marine fish aquarium and especially reef tanks with live corals
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The first LEDs weren't anywhere near what a saltwater reef tank would require as far as lumens, Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) and/or Color Rendering Index (CRI). LED development has grown at a remarkable rate in the past few years, both in colors available and light intensity. There are now 8000K Daylight and Actinic LEDs being used in aquarium lighting. There will be 14000K LEDs available soon.Presently, there aren't too many LED bulbs which are designed specifically for reef tank use. What normally happens is: a bulb with specific properties (CRI, CCT) is developed for another use, then are adopted for aquarium use. At the time of this writing, there are LED bulbs in the 8000K range which are being used for reef tank lighting. There is no doubt that higher powered bulbs will be developed in the near future which will work even better for aquariums.GOOD EVENING
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MAVROEDIS DEMOSAt AquaCave, we offer some of the best selection and best prices on LED Aquarium Lighting for Reef, Marine, Freshwater, Aquaillumination, Ecotech Radion, Kessil, Maxspect, Orbit for you saltwater marine, reef, and freshwater aquarium. LED aquarium lights are more energy efficient than other types of lighting and they do not need to be replaced annually like aquarium light bulbs.If you have not heard about the benefits of using LED lighting for you aquarium then you are definitely in the right place. LED lighting is becoming one of the most popular choices for aquarium hobbyists. Aquarium LED lighting can be used in marine, reef and freshwater aquariums.The new Orbit® Marine IC LED brings your aquarium to life in an entirely new way. Delivering brilliant color and brightness, it’s capable of things never seen before in an aquarium light. From watching clouds gently roll across your reef to producing surging water currents and pulsing waves, it completely changes your aquarium experience.