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With a wide variety of koi fish breeds available for sale in Tampa, FL and worldwide, we can provide beautiful moving accents to further enhance any pond, water feature or outdoor living space.
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Before you get any of the koi fish for sale on our site, make sure that you have a place to put them. If you have a pond or pool in your yard, then you don’t have to worry. However, if you don’t have a pond yet, you need to build one. Man-made ponds are easy to make and can be inexpensive, too. If you live in the New York area, our team can even come out to your home and build a custom pond for you. If you don’t live in an area where we can build your pond, we have a guide on how to build a pond that will create a happy habitat for your koi fish, and it can normally be built within just one day. The amount of koi fish you buy depends on how large your pond is, so make sure you know how large your pond will be before you purchase your fish. Just like humans, koi don’t like cramped living space, and in the end it will just lead to them becoming sick quicker and you having dead fish. Koi Fish for Sale - Koi To The World
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While we don't display each koi for sale on our website, at The Pond Shack, we have many magnificent koi for sale at our retail location. Call or stop by today to see our selection, we're located at in Pomona, NY (Rockland County NY). Because our fish are carefully and individually selected for optimum coloration, form and overall health, we truly have the ability to find any of the you may be searching for.Also on this site in our online you will find many hard-to-find Koi products and medications, all of which can be shipped directly to your door year round. You can also come and pick them up right at the farm, and see our fish and our operation in person. The farm is open every year around April 1st through the end of October for walk-in sales. Fish and products are for sale year round on this website, including during the winter months.The Koi for sale that we offer at The Pond Shack are a sampling of what we can order and import from various Japanese Koi fish breeders. Not only can we order the perfect fish for your koi pond, we deliver koi fish too! If we have a koi for sale that interests you, but you'd rather have us deliver it right to your pond, it's no problem at all. That's what we do! This way, we can determine that the pond conditions are optimum and your new koi will acclimate to the pond water and environment correctly.Koi fish for sale from Exterior Concepts cost of $150 per koi fish. Most koi fish we have available will be approximately 2 years old and 10.5 inches long.At Exterior Concepts, we not only design and create amazing outdoor living spaces, we now can also supply you with beautiful live koi fish for sale for your ponds and water features in Tampa Bay, Florida and worldwide.Our koi fish for sale are high quality fish that we breed ourselves are the healthiest koi you will find. If you want to stock your pond, don’t buy from a pet store whose fish are substandard. Let us bring you the best fish on the market. Get started looking for the koi fish that will make your pond stand our here. We know that you’ll be happy with what you find.