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The Comet Goldfish is an elongated, flat-bodied variety of goldfish. The head is wide but short, and its body tapers smoothly from its back and belly to the base of its caudal fin (tail fin). The caudal fin is long and deeply forked and generally stands fully erect. Comets have a natural life span of up to 14 years, though possibly longer if kept in optimal conditions.The Comet Goldfish is a bit smaller than the Common Goldfish, but even so, the environment it is kept in will mostly determine whether your pet grows to its full potential size. In an average 15 gallon tank, if well cared for and not crowded, they can grow up to about 4 inches (10 cm), while in a larger, uncrowded tank, they can grow larger, generally reaching about 7 or 8 inches (17.78 - 20.32 cm). If kept in a spacious pond, they can reach over 12 inches (30+ cm).They are primarily a reddish orange color, but they are also available in yellow, orange, white, and red. Some Comet Goldfish come in a bi-color red/white combination, and occasionally they are available with nacreous (pearly) scales, giving them a variegated color.Comet Goldfish can and do naturally change color, but color changes are believed to be influenced by diet and the amount of light. Aquarists often report the reds and oranges of their goldfish changing to white. A fresh diet along with good lighting and available shade are suggested as the best ways to maintain the original coloration. Even so, these measures are not always successful.Other types of Comet Goldfish include the Sarasa Comet. This variety has long flowing fins and is characterized by a red-and-white coloration that holds a resemblance to a koi color pattern called 'Kohaku.' The Tancho Single-tail Comet is a silver variety with a red patch on its head.
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Koi fish is one of the most popular preferences for pet fish these days. That is because Koi fish is a dazzling and colorful ornamental type of pet fish. This much sought after types of pet fish are mostly adorned on garden ponds (landscaped mostly) and aquariums.

Koi fish is a type of fish that belongs to the domesticated and ornamental variant of the "carp" family. These types of ornamental pet fish are widely domesticated and available to almost all parts of the world (except Antarctica). So if you are thinking of having Koi fish as you pet, it is important that you must know all the essential information regarding on how to properly take care of the Koi fish. Also, it is very important that you must know everything there is to know in taking care of the Koi fish.

One of the most essential factors in taking care of the Koi fish is that you must know what are required in order for the Koi fish to be health and of course, alive. Negligence may and can cause the lives of the Koi fish, not to mention the wasted effort and money that you have invested on the pet fish.

Proper care for the Koi fish also means that you must know the seasonal care of your pet fish. That is because Koi fish have different caring needs in every season. For example, during spring season, you must give extra attention on the water temperature of the garden pond or aquarium of the Koi fish. That is because the temperature of the water during this season is irregular meaning it can either rise or fall in an instant (which is not good for the pet fish).

Also, you must always provide your Koi fish not just with adequate source of food but also with the appropriate food. It is essential that you feed your Koi fish the right kind and the right amount of food. When it comes to feeding, you must consider several issues such as the size of the garden pond or aquarium and the type of filter that is used. Always take extra effort in taking care of the garden pond or aquarium such as cleaning the filters. Remember the top most essential elements in taking proper care of the Koi fish are, the number of Koi fishes in the pond or aquarium, the season and appropriate food and proper feeding.

These are just some of the few essential elements that you must know before taking the Koi fish from the pet store. Do not hesitate to ask questions and advice from Koi fish experts or the pet shop owner for the essential information that you must know in order for your ornamental pet fish to be with you longer. Because not only these dazzling and vibrant ornamental pet fish are fun to look at (especially when feeding), some Koi fish keepers say that Koi fish are lucky. How to Care for Koi Fish in an Aquarium | eHow
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Fengshui Aquarium must have 9 or any odd no. gold fish in it to enjoy peace & prosperity. Swimming fish keeps energy in motion. With proper maintenance and care one can enjoy this beautiful creation of nature for a longer period of time. Dedicated Hobbyists have enjoyed Koi, for more than two decades!