Koi Angelfish with a body size of slightly less than a dime

5 Koi Angelfish, Medium Size — All American Angels & Discus
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This is the last of the koi angelfish videos. I hope you learned a great deal from the videos above and are ready to start with your angels. While my angelfish never bred, we would go to the fish store and get 6 angels and place them into a 55 gallon tank. In no time at all, they would get what my family would call frying pan size and we would take them back to the fish store and start over again.
Koi Angelfish Size - Angelfish Has Special Needs.
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I have a 70L tank, and I have kept several fish in the past, Glass Catfish, Neons, angelfish (koi) tiger barbs etc etc. I only had one angelfish left in my 70L tank, he is an average size for an angelfish, but he has been kept alone in the tank for roughly 3 months due to a disease breakout. I decided that he had shown no symptoms of disease so i bought him a friend, Zebra angelfish, his body size is a lot smaller than my current Koi, but his fins make him roughly the same size. The Koi hasn't taken very well to him and tends to chase him around the tank. The Koi dominates one half of the tank, but the new Zebra seems to be "testing" the Koi by slowly moving in on his space, I'm pretty sure my large Koi is male, but I think it's too early determine in the smaller Zebra. Is this likely to wear off and they will learn to live with each other? Also, can anyone advise any other fish that could live with them? Koi Angelfish at quarter size - YouTube
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I’m ask how I Determine the Sex of the angelfish. Determining the gender of an Angel is not always easy and you are never sure until the day their papilla tubes stick out for laying and fertilizing the eggs. I have ten pair of Angels. How I did it was… I started out with five Angels although most people encourage starting out with six. I got a pair out of the five. This resulted in me buying a 55 gallon aquarium and making it my community aquarium and I gave the pair the 30 gallon. Since I had a larger aquarium I bought more Angels. This resulted in another pair and another aquarium and so on. An Angel can start breeding once they get two inches in body size. The Angels will pair off on their own. You will know a pair has been created when you have two Angels sticking together and they get aggressive to keep their territory. I have found the majority of my male Angels have a bump on their forehead. This is not true for my Koi or Blue Angelfish. To me both sexes look identical in the Koi’s and Blue’s. With that being said here are a few general characteristics of each sex to help you determine if you have a potential breeding pair: