A Japanese Koi Fish Vector Line Art Illustration

Koi fish Print of a Japanese styled watercolor by Damon Crook (11 x 14). $20.00, via Etsy.
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It is an important pond fish, that has a big following in the world. Breeding Koi fish is by taking the best looking ones and breeding them, to get pure and healthy and the best looking as they can. The Koi fish that are most prized come from Japan where they were first cross bred many years ago from the common carp.
110 Best Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo Designs and Drawings - Piercings Models
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In Japan, people keep Koi fish as pets. Create your own Koi Fish Kite with Kyra.

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Japan: Koi Fish Kite | Summer Inspirations | Michaels
... Colorful Japanese Koi Fish With Lotus Tattoo Design
Photo provided by FlickrKoi fishes in front of Engetsu-kyo Bridge in Ritsurin Park, Takamatsu city, Shikoku, Japan
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Koi fish are originally from Japan. Scientific name Cyprinus carpio. Commonly known in English as (Japanese Carp). The word koi comes from Japanese, simply meaning (carp). Koi fish groups are well-known by coloration, patterning, and scalation. Some of the major colors are red, black, white, blue, cream and yellow. The most popular category of koi is the Gosanke, which is made up of the Kohaku, Taisho Sanshoku, and Showa Sanshoku the groups of the different patterns on the fish. They are part of the Japan culture. The one thing to note is, Koi fish usually out live their owners. In fact, Koi fish are often passed down from generation to generation in Japan. They can live up two 200 years and even longer in some cases.The Japanese Carp or Koi fish will not harm any injured fish, if you have any other injured fish place them with the Koi fish for rehabilitation. This assumes the injured fish isn't very much smaller and not a fighter. make sure the other fish are not sick either.Koi Fish meaning in Japan is good fortune or luck they also are associated with perseverance in adversity and strength of purpose, the Koi fish symbolize good luck, abundance and perseverance. Symbolic in Buddhism is to represent courage. Today the fish are considered to be symbolic of advancement materially and spiritually.Symbols of strength and masculinity in Japan, Koi are know there as the "warrior's fish". Each year in the month of May, beautiful koinobori (streamers) in the shape of Koi are flown form poles in celebration of the Boy's Day Festival. The streamers symbolize the Japanese parents hope that their sons will demonstrate courage and strength, like that of the nishikigoi. The koi fish is a popular symbol for the family, - black koi for father, flame red koi for mother, blue and white for boy, and pink and red for girl.Another legend states that the koi climb the waterfall bravely, and if they are caught, they face their death on the cutting board bravely like a samuri. In Japan, the word koi refers primarily to the wild variety. As a result, many of the country's symbolic meanings for the fish refer to the wild variety instead of the fish species as a whole. One of the primary reasons the fish is symbolic in Japanese culture is because it is known for swimming upstream no matter what the conditions are. These fish are even said to swim up waterfalls. This is viewed as an absolute show of power because they will continue to swim upstream as if on a mission. They cannot be distracted or deterred by anything. Koi's swimming downstream are considered bad luck. Ochiba Shigures are made by breeding a Chagoi with a Soragoi. Look for a nice Kohaku-like brown pattern. This is a very nice fish and this type really stands out in any collection. The Japanese breeders often name the Koi after things that they like.