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The fish and coral you add to your tank are going to eat, drink sleep, pee and poop in your tank. Yep, that’s possibly the first time I have ever publicly written about pee and poop, but I’ve wanted to ever since I was an adolescent. I’m not going to lie, that was one of my main reasons for wanting to write this article. Now that I got that out of the way, it feels a bit liberating…but I digress. The point I was trying to make about how to cycle a saltwater tank before I sophomorically distracted myself was that this waste can build up in the tank–and that’s a bad thing.
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The water, obviously, is a very important component of your tank set-up. The salinity of your water is very important for keeping your tank friends happy and healthy. You can buy great, easy gadgets to calculate the salinity of your water so you can check yours occasionally to avoid evaporation or low salt content. Your salinity should be kept at about 1.021 to 1.026 S.G. (specific gravity). You should adjust your salt content accordingly if your tank's salinity falls outside of this range. You can buy aquarium salt and mix it in with your water to start out. However, you have to keep in mind that the water in your faucet contains things like calcium that can be harmful to your tank. Purchasing a large bag of aquarium salt is about $15 or $20 and lasts about three months with the initial set up and water changes. The safest and easiest way to get saltwater for your tank is to buy it by the gallon at your local fish store. Most stores have premixed water that is the correct salinity and is mixed with purified water. It costs about $2 per gallon at my local pet store. How to: Setup a Saltwater Fish Tank - YouTube
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Photo provided by FlickrArticles on how to setup and maintain your saltwater aquarium or reef tank! Includes saltwater fish, invertebrate and coral profiles.
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Information on fish tank test kits. If you want to be successful in the tropical fish hobby (freshwater or saltwater) then you'll need to know how to test your tank water. There are many chemical tests that you can run on your tank including: Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, Salinity/Specific Gravity, pH, Carbonate Water Hardness, Alkalinity,Chlorine and Chloramine, Copper, Phosphate, Dissolved Oxygen, Iron, Carbon Dioxide and others.The most important step in how to make a saltwater aquarium is planning. It takes a lot of time and money to set up and maintain a marine fish tank. Not planning correctly can sabotage your efforts and cost you a lot more time and money than need be.
This is for those of you that are experiencing algae problems in your saltwater aquarium. Why is it happening, how to prevent it, what you need to test for and how to rid your fish tank of it.Live rock is probably going to be the greatest expense with the initial setup of a saltwater aquarium. For a reef tank setup it may be the . For this reason, you are probably going to treat your live rock like gold once you get it. However, even though it can cost a lot of money, it will probably end up saving you money (in fish) because it is the best form of biological filtration. The curing process can last anywhere from 1 week to 2 months or more depending on the shape the rock is in when you get it.
An anemone that can become a pest in the saltwater aquarium. Learn how to control and eliminate this anemone from your tank before it does damage to your saltwater fish tank inhabitants.If you are Thinking of Starting a Saltwater Aquarium Fish Tank, Here is a Video that Gives You The Things To Know. Featured in the Video is My Saltwater Nano Reef Aquarium Fish Tank Biocube 14. I used Panorama Pro Module Lighting from Ecoxotic to achieve different color combinations (one blue strip and one white strip). Yes, I am a coral addict as indicated by my beautiful amazing saltwater nano tank.

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Things to Know before Starting your Saltwater Aquarium:
- How Much Does a Saltwater Aquarium Cost?
- Biocube All-In-One Aquariums
- Coral is the Most Expensive Part of the Aquarium
- Expect to Spend a lot of time Researching (fish and coral temperaments)
- Saltwater Aquariums Take a Lot of Patience
- Lighting is Expensive to get a colorful tank
- Aquarium Maintenance isn't as bad as everyone thinks it is
- Where is the best location for an aquarium? (Away from Vents and Direct Sunlight & Easy to Access)
- What I have in my Aquarium Cupboard
- Biocube Chambers and Filtration (Live Rock)
- Awesome views of my Nano Reef Aquarium Tank!

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