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The lifespan of your king betta, like any other betta, ranges depending on a number of factors. Care, feeding and the fish's genetics can all affect how long a betta will live. With this in mind, a betta's lifespan can range from two to five years, depending on how well you care for your pet. Most bettas live an average of two to three years.
Care, feeding and the fish's genetics can all affect how long a betta will live
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Getting a healthy betta from the start is a key factor in how long they will live. Buying a young betta is important if you want to have them throughout most or all of their life too. Healthy betta fish will have bright coloring (males), no scale or fin damage, and be active and feisty upon your presence. How long will a Betta fish live for?
Photo provided by FlickrMay 12, 2011 - Environment, diet, genetics and a little luck all play a role in how long your betta fish will live
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If you want to have a happy, healthy betta that will live between two to five years (maybe even longer if you've got a super hardy one on your hands), you've got to provide the proper living environment for it. Though a ten-gallon tank would be terrific (we understand that that's a relatively big tank for just one little fish!), you should never go smaller than a three-gallon one complete with filter and heater. Any smaller and the betta's waste will become too concentrated, and this will have adverse affects on its health. Sure, you can buy a tiny, filterless "betta bowl," but you've got to make absolutely certain that you: 1) clean the bowl and change a percentage of the water frequently (very small bowls require daily water changes) 2) ensure that the bowl remains at the ideal temperature at all times (which can be tricky!) and 3) be very meticulous about how much you feed it. Suffice to say, many new betta owners who were sold on the idea of having an "easy to care for" fish that doesn't take up a lot of room in the house may not be prepared for the maintenance required to keep their beta healthy. This is why many people end up with a diseased (and eventually deceased) betta in a matter of weeks. Make sure that you provide an ample-sized tank, a filter, and a temperature regulator in order to keep the water at a constant 75 - 80 degrees F. Not only will your betta be happy and healthy, there will be less overall maintenance required for you.How long do betta fish live is a common question among the betta fish enthusiasts. The average betta fish life span is . There are instances of a betta surviving for 9 years. But those are very exceptional instances. Bettas should do well for over 3 years. They are extremely hardy fish and will survive conditions that would kill other specie. However, the fact is that they wont thrive in those conditions.As with other small aquarium fish, people often assume that the lifespan of the betta fish is rather short, and that their fish will only survive for a year or two. But is this true? How long do betta fish live?Meal choice is crucial. The food that your betta receives helps determine how long it will live. If you want your little friend to be around for a long time, look for food that has a lot of fiber and a lot of protein. Also, you can improve the appearance of your fish if you feed it good foods. One thing to keep in mind is that betta fish are carnivores; therefore, live frozen foods are a good choice. You could pick up bloodworms or brine shrimps, for example. You can also get some betta pellets, and these tend to be very good for your fish as well.