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How long does a Betta fish live in a bowl?
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The average lifespan of a Betta Fish, both in the wild and in captivity is nestled somewhere between two to six years so in short there is your answer to how long does a better fish live, sorry to be so short and sweet, shall we go on?. This has been witnessed by both scientists who carry out research on the fish, as well as breeders who of course look after the fish. These people consider that your fish is generally going to live around three years, if it manages to hit six years without any help from you, then it is certainly doing good for itself!
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Perhaps the biggest problem with knowing how long does a betta fish live is that if you aren’t a breeder, you won’t know how old the fish was when you purchased it. Sometimes it could already be up to a year old, and relatively speaking, this means that you won’t have a lot of time with it. When you purchase a Betta Fish, always ask questions of the person that is supplying it to you. That way you can find out as much as possible about the history of the fish. How long does a Betta fish live in a bowl
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If you want to have a happy, healthy betta that will live between two to five years (maybe even longer if you've got a super hardy one on your hands), you've got to provide the proper living environment for it. Though a ten-gallon tank would be terrific (we understand that that's a relatively big tank for just one little fish!), you should never go smaller than a three-gallon one complete with filter and heater. Any smaller and the betta's waste will become too concentrated, and this will have adverse affects on its health. Sure, you can buy a tiny, filterless "betta bowl," but you've got to make absolutely certain that you: 1) clean the bowl and change a percentage of the water frequently (very small bowls require daily water changes) 2) ensure that the bowl remains at the ideal temperature at all times (which can be tricky!) and 3) be very meticulous about how much you feed it. Suffice to say, many new betta owners who were sold on the idea of having an "easy to care for" fish that doesn't take up a lot of room in the house may not be prepared for the maintenance required to keep their beta healthy. This is why many people end up with a diseased (and eventually deceased) betta in a matter of weeks. Make sure that you provide an ample-sized tank, a filter, and a temperature regulator in order to keep the water at a constant 75 - 80 degrees F. Not only will your betta be happy and healthy, there will be less overall maintenance required for you.So how long can a betta fish live? Well with proper care, enrichment, exercise, and great water quality, bettas have been know to live up to 9 years. However, if yours does not live that long, it does not mean you have necessarily done anything wrong. We often don’t really know how old the little one was before you got him or her, or what they might have been exposed to, or what their genetics were before they came to be in your care. All we can do is arm ourselves with education, love and devotion. It’s the least we can do for them, after all the joy, smiles, and entertainment the little beings bring to us. I have a spare ten gallon tank and was thinking about devoting it to betta fish. Does anyone know the life span of a betta fish? It seems like I remember them dying so quick but maybe something wasn’t right in order for them to live life to the fullest. Anybody know how long they live on average or what their life cycle is? Thanks for the help.