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The aquarium inside Bill Gate's house. I would definitely live here. How peaceful.
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Having pets means sometimes your house isn’t as nice as you’d like it to be, from trampling footprints to items that are necessary to keep your pets happy, the decor can take a “hit.” Aquariums are beautiful with the scenery and fish you have in it but many of them are pretty plain on the outside. The standard rectangle or bowl shape with a light or black plastic top are standard for aquariums but it doesn’t have to be that way.
The aquarium is no longer in use, he added, as a bank has since foreclosed on the house.
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and are important in the set-up and maintenance of a living . The surface area contributes to providing superior in-tank oxygenation and it also facilitates the creation of attractive aquatic themes. Freshwater environments benefit more from short and wide aquariums, due to the larger surface area they present to the air; this allows more oxygen to dissolve in the water, and the more oxygen there is, the more fish you can keep. In general, a larger-sized aquarium provides a more stable water-world and the hobbyist can also acquire a greater number of fish. A large aquarium can also enhance aesthetic value. With regards to material, an all-glass aquarium is preferable due to its reasonable cost and its superior ability to resist scratches and discoloration. Indoor aquariums are normally placed far from windows, heating and cooling ducts of the house because direct sunlight and temperature changes can negatively affect the aquatic environment. Overexposure to sunlight leads to rapid algae growth inside and outside the tank. Sudden temperature variations are harmful to fish. Here is a unique aquarium design drawings for the interior space of the house.
Photo provided by FlickrHi amy, can i put aquarium in the front of the house near the front door?
Photo provided by Flickrwhat would happens if i have loft house and the place (nw) that i put the aquarium is a bedroom on the second floor?
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Home staging is the art of creating inviting and spacious rooms to sell your house fast. Aquariums are beautiful home decor items that attract a lot of attention. Glass aquarium tanks are impressive and create a challenge for home staging. A small aquarium tank can be moved or removed from a room for homestaging, but medium-size and large tropical fish aquarium tanks make home staging a bit complicated.This amazing house located in Turkish city of Cesme. Its striking architectural features and unusual fence with integrated large aquariums are striking and amazing. The huge aquarium consists of a few tropical fish tanks and stretches around the house for approximately 50 meters.I live in a big 2-floor house which is well-designed, have a big aquarium, a small pond, 2 well-trained dogs, a garden with nice trees, a big yard for my pets to play. (it's great to see the mini "ocean" and "river" in my house, see the colorful fish, pet my dogs everyday), My aquarium is unique designedIf you have to move to a new house, moving your aquarium(s) requires special attention. This article is provided with the hope that it will reduce the stress associated with this portion of the move. The methods described below have been repeatedly used safely for shorter moves, though neither I nor Cichlid-forum can guarantee safe passage of pets or equipment 100%. While this article pertains to moving your aquarium to a new home, the process outlined here could certainly be applied to smaller scale moves, such as room-to-room moves or within a single room.House of Fins is the premier source for unique
aquariums, expert aquarium maintenance, and exotic livestock from the world over. Specializing
in the creation of unique work of living art, House of Fins continuously strives to exceed the expectations of
our clientele in designing and implementing custom aquarium installations and providing the finest quality fish,coral,and invertebrates. Since opening the doors in 1957 we have provided our professional services to countless freshwater and saltwater aquarium enthusiasts and are proud to be one of the most experienced aquarium services companies in the country.My fears were confirmed when the inspector recommended I remove 4 aquaria from the house. This would be a major project! I considered leaving the tanks in the house and simply supplying 'clean' air from outside, but rejected this notion. Instead, at almost the last minute, I decided to conduct a few experiments to determine the effects of the pesticide on a few selected invertebrates. Although this may sound cruel, I knew that moving the animals to an outside home and back again also involved risks to the health and lives of the captive animals. Perhaps something could be learned from this ordeal.