Hanging fish bowl. Nice! Also nice office gift - betta included. :o)

Fish Bowl Wall Mount Betta Tank Aquarium Round Hanging 1 Gallon Bubble Acrylic / S
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Well I will get my one cent in...WalMart has their Bettas in a cup with maybe a 1/2 inch or less of water. Let me see... a cup of very little water filled with a day's waste. OMGosh!! The poor fish is swimming in a polluted toilet. Anyone who buys their fish are basically rescuing them but no guaranteed if they will survive after that treatment. A Betta in a bowl without filtration is heartless unless you clean their bowl regularly. Who would want to swim in their own waste??? I personally had a Betta in a 1 gallon vase with a Peace Lily and changed the water daily. I felt so bad, I ended up getting a 12 gallon filtered, heated tank for him. End of story..my WalMart Betta is no longer living.
Wall Mount Hanging Betta Fish Bubble Aquarium Mini Bowl ..
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Top Rated Fish Bowl for Goldfish & Betta Fish – Wall Mounted Bubble Tank – Aquarium – Hanging Terrarium – Includes “Lets Get Started Guide” – 10 in Diameter – Acrylic – by Stanton Collections™: Aquariums, Gifts for Fish Lovers Fish Bowl Wall Mount Betta Tank Aquarium Round Hanging 1 Gallon Bubble ..
Photo provided by FlickrFish Bowl Wall Mount Betta Tank Aquarium Round Hanging ..
Photo provided by FlickrFish Bowl Wall Mount Betta Tank Aquarium Round Hanging 1 Gallon Bubble Acrylic / S.
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Not interested in a full size wall hanging aquarium? A is perfect for you! These bubble fish tanks can be hung virtually anywhere! You can decorate your Fish Bubble, wall mount fish bowl with any aquarium accessories and keep bettas or any other "easy-to-maintain" fish in a cool, happy home on a wall!

They can also can be used for hermit crabs, African Dwarf frogs, planting terrariums and housing of other small creatures that don't require additional heat or filtration. Buy 3 or 4 and you can create wall patterns and great conversation pieces in your home or office. Use suction cups to mount your fish bubble on any mirror or window. The fish bubbles wall mount fish bowl comes in a 3.6 liter (1 gallon) and 6.7 liter size (approximately 2 gallons).

3.6 liter: 11.5 in. diameter (on flat side)
Hanging Fishbowl
Aside from being a unique way of displaying your Betta, putting your fish in a hanging fishbowl is an excellent solution to keeping your pet safe from cats and other curious members of the household.Wall fish bowls are great for small apartments and rooms where a tabletop fish bowl or Aquarium won't fit because of limited desk or table space. You can keep a betta fish in your home or office by hanging the fish bubble wall fish bowl.

The Fish Bubble Wall Hanging Fish Bowls add a new twist to the ordinary fish bowl. Children love to watch fish and the fish bubble is a great present for kids because wall fish bowls are easy to maintain.FYI, the requirements for all fish are the same, no matter the species. And though this is pretty from a design perspective and seems easy to care, this is not a good way to keep live animals, sorry. That is, in order of importance: no oxygen in the water, no filtration of noxious waste, chemical additives in the water, no shelter, no space, (and if this setup is anywhere near a window) algae will be inevitable.
Probably your previous failures were due to this setup. To maintain it you will need to change the water very frequently and this is at the least disruptive and at the worst fatal (very hard to control water quality in such a small volume of water, overdoing or under-applying chemicals to condition the water is tricky business)… Now that I’ve warned you the tetras may very well live for a ‘long’ time in this setup, but you should consider it animal cruelty nonetheless. If you want to keep the bowl, I would empty it so that the water level is at the widest point, and exchange your tetras for a single betta. Fish bowls can work for bettas (fighting fish) for short periods of time as their mouths are adapted to breathing at the surface, but either way these are very poor living conditions. Sadly, the aquarium store where you bought the fish in the first place should have told you all this, to avoid this situation in the first place. It’s so sad cause these are living creatures, not to mention your kids will get attached and it can be emotional when they die… Fish bowls shouldn’t be sold at all in my opinion, but they do make lovely terrariums : ) maybe consider that approach instead?