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On this page we have several types of GloFish Tetra for sale
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California found itself in the national spotlight earlier this month when it became the only state to ban the sale of a genetically engineered pet fish called the GloFish. As a member of the state that made this decision, I caught some flak afterward: Who were we, critics said, to interfere with the right of consumers to purchase a glow-in-the-dark fish?
On this page we have several types of GloFish Danio for sale
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Bring wonder and excitement to your classroom, office, or home freshwater aquarium with fluorescent zebra fish. GloFish® get their illuminating appearance from a borrowed sea coral gene. Originally bred to help detect environmental pollutants in waterways, the brightly colored fish are completely safe. GloFish® fluorescent fish are licensed under one or more United States patents. Reproduction (breeding) of GloFish® is permitted only for educational use by teachers and students in bona fide educational institutions; however, any sale, barter, or trade of the offspring from such reproduction is strictly prohibited.GloFish® fluorescent fish are not only fun and attractive, they also provide an excellent classroom organism for introducing topics such as genetic modification, fitness effects, ethics, environmental science, and many others. On this page we have several types of GloFish for sale
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The GloFish, a fluorescent red zebrafish sold as a novel pet, has become the first transgenic animal sold to U.S. consumers. Its sale has produced regulatory controversies, a lawsuit, and profits for its proponent, Yorktown Technologies (Austin, TX). With the market plan calling for sales in a widening number of countries, continuing controversy seems likely. Commercialization of the GloFish in the United States poses regulatory uncertainty because existing biotechnology policy bases oversight on the use of the product. Sales of ornamental fishes are not federally regulated. The Food and Drug Administration asserts jurisdiction over genetically modified animals using the New Animal Drug Application process. After a brief internal review and interagency consultation, FDA's Center for Veterinary Medicine determined that "because tropical aquarium fish are not used for food purposes, they pose no threat to the food supply. There is no evidence that these genetically engineered zebra danio fish pose any more threat to the environment than their unmodified counterparts which have long been widely sold in the United States. In the absence of any clear risk to the public health, the FDA finds no reason to regulate these particular fish2." Alan Blake, CEO of Yorktown Technologies, also made contact with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Environmental Protection Agency, which expressed no regulatory concerns regarding GloFish. Although many people think that AquAdvantage® Salmon will become the FIRST Genetically Modified ANIMAL to be approved for sale in the U.S., GloFish® have been available for purchase in the U.S. since 2003. We were able to find many but no culinary experiments. Since we could not find any recipes on how best to prepare GloFish® for eating, we created the Glowing Sushi Cooking Show.If you are looking for glofish for sale they are kind of expensive for freshwater fish. A popular online live fish store has a price of $20 for a 3 pack or $35 for a 6 pack of glofish tetras. There is even a glofish tank kit setup you can get that comes with a voucher for fish that can be mailed to you.