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Puffer fish are also known as swellfish, blowfish, globefish and fugu. It is an unusual species of fish with very unique characteristics. The name Puffer fish comes from its behavior. When it gets frightened, it can puff up to double its size by swallowing water or air. Puffer fish can even swim during this swollen state. There are around 100 varieties of Puffer fish. Puffer fish are found in the ocean, in coastal areas, in fresh water and in brackish water.

It is a popular aquarium fish, even though it is very poisonous. Many parts of the fish have a paralyzing poison called tetrodoxin. Puffers can be small or large. The dwarf Puffer grows only to 1.5 inches, but a giant freshwater Puffer will grow up to 2.5 feet. You can keep freshwater puffers in your aquarium. Some of the freshwater Puffers you can keep in an aquarium are the Green Spotted Puffer and the Figure Eight Puffer. Puffers have to keep alone or with their own species. There are exceptions, but generally the tank mates will become the food for the Puffer. They will get along better with fast swimming fish like Danios, Sharks, Rainbow fish and Barbs.
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The API Betta Globe is an affordable 2-gallon fishbowl without a whole lot of bells and whistles. But that doesn’t stop it from being a great small Betta fish tank. Tetra Globe Fish Tank
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A globe fish tank is a very unique type of aquarium that gives you a 360-degree view of everything inside the tank. These types of aquariums, however, are a bit tricky to maintain than the regular-sized tanks. If you want to set up this kind of fish tank at home, here are some helpful maintenance tips that you can use.

Generally, globe fish tanks are much trickier to set up and maintain compared to the regular triangular aquariums for their limited space. Because of its small water volume capacity, a globe fish tank needs to have more frequent water replacements. Ideally, tank owners are required to change at least 50% of the tank water every day or every other day. This procedure is done to help replenish oxygen content in the tank water and to take out accumulated dirt.

Never over feed your fish to avoid over accumulation of dirt and faeces. The dirt and the faeces can help speed up bacterial growth and make your tank water highly toxic. If possible, feed them as sparingly as you can. Feeding them once a day should be enough. To avoid any hassles, try test feeding your fish to determine just how much food they can consume. You can then use this pre-determined amount of food to feed them every day after that.

If you worry about not giving your fish sufficient amounts of nutrients, you can opt to feed them with different kinds of fish food in one session. There are now huge selections of fish food products out on the market today so you won't have trouble finding the right items.

One of the biggest disadvantages of keeping a globe fish tank is its limited amount of space. Thus, tank owners are recommended to keep only 1 medium-sized fish (around 1 inch in length) for every 1.5 to 2 gallons of water. The type of fish you put into your tank play a very important factor as well. There are some fish that live fairly well in tight spaces and these are the best types that you can put inside an aquarium globe. Stay away from salt water fish as most of them require larger spaces to swim around. Never overcrowd your fish tanks with too many fish as this can lead to a wide variety of health problems and even, mortality.

And just like all the other aquarium setups, make sure that you use only safe accessories to decorate your aquarium globe. There are now plenty of aquarium decors that contain harmful chemical residues, which can be fatal to your fish. Hence, turn only to well-trusted pet stores and brands for these kinds of items. Always clean them thoroughly before use. Never use soap or detergent as they may also be toxic to your fish. Clean your globe fish tank and all the necessary accessories with hot water instead to kill bacteria and wash away dirt and debris.

Setting up and maintaining a globe fish tank at home can be quite a challenge but this is not an impossible feat. So if you are ready to take on the task, keep these helpful tips in mind.Continuing our countdown of Betta fish tanks, this is a slightly bigger Tetra tank than the globe at 3 gallons, so if you need a bit more room for things like and other then this should be perfect. This tank also comes with a handful of features that will make it even better for your Betta, including: