Care and feeding: The Humphead Glassfish is omnivorous

How to care for your glass catfish, Kryptopterus bicirrhis with pictures
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I keep a Ghost cat in my 75 gallon semi-planted tank along with Bala Sharks, Hatchets, Catfish, Rainbows and other assorted fish. The Ghost Catfish was one of the coolest fish to see because it is realy like glass, you can see through it. It is very unique because i've noticed that when he starts to turn a whitish powder color, the water is not rite, such as the ph level or ammonia level is off. He is easy to care for and eats shrimp pellets, tubafex worms, and flakes. This fish also can get to be a good 4 inches so he is a nice size for smaller tanks. I love this fish and I'm sure you would love it too.
New Pet Fish: Glass Catfish Compatibility & Care Info
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The Humphead Glassfish, like other glassfish species, are surprisingly hardy and adaptable. But unlike some glassfish that need a brackish water environment, Humpheads are strictly freshwater fish. These fish are fairly easy to care for and make a most intriguing curiosity for a freshwater community tank. They are generally peaceful with other tank mates, but are a boisterous and energetic at feeding time, and they will eat smaller fish. They have a surprising large mouth and will readily snack on a guppy or danio sized companion. They can be kept singly, but if kept in a school males will get scrappy with each other for dominance, so there must be at least 8 or more fish. Fish & Aquarium Supplies: Glass/Acrylic Care, Cleaning
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Difficulty of care: 5. The Glassfish is an interesting, but short-lived fish which does not usually live for more than 2-3 years. The addition of salt lessens the chance of this species to develop fungus. The Glassfish requires a diet including live foods.Timid fish? Ha! I bought six and placed them in a 75 gallon tank that also contained a male Betta I was quarantining because he was a bully. The Glass Fish took very little time to school together and promptly start following the Betta, even taking a nip at his tail! I tried to distract them with frozen bloodworms, and they left off. However, the Betta began avoiding them whenever possible, staying under the powerful filter current that he had such a hard time swimming under. It's true the Glass fish swim away when I approach the tank, but they are bold and curious otherwise. And they are positively rapacious when I feed them. Unfortunately, they seem picky. They don't care for Brine shrimp or freeze dried Tubifex, and never notice pellets whether they float or sink. They also won't scavenge the bottom, even if there's juicy bloodworms on it. Even the Betta isn't so picky!