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Although freshly fried fish will be your main attraction, the often overlooked side-dishes are just as important to a successful fish fry. Hush puppies are a simple and traditional choice of side dish, and many fish fry goers practically expect them at this point. Freshly cooked french fries are also a great choice, but try to avoid serving too many fried sides with your fish. A plate full of nothing but fried foods may appeal to some of your guests, but many people are more likely to leave with a greasy stomach if everything on their plates has been cooked in oil. Potato salad, pasta salad, baked beans, cole slaw, and dinner rolls are all robust sides that will help take the edge off of your fried smörgåsbord. Offering a selection of freshly steamed, seasonal vegetables is also a healthy way to balance out your spread.
Eat Fish on Fridays! Stop-by our Seafood department on Fridays this month to sample a tasty fish-fry sure to made your Friday sizzle.
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I've heard that grapes can contain some oxalates and that apple seeds contain cyanide. The math on these says that if you got a koi to eat a cubic meter of grapes or appleseeds in a day's time, said koi could perish from the crystallization of the oxalates in his kidney. For your information, a koi that could eat a cubic meter of grapes in a day would measure about forty-two feet long and weigh in at 2,300 pounds. So my advice on koi treats is, "If you would eat it, and the fish can eat it without it dissolving in, or polluting the pond, try it, and see if they like it. Don't feed any treat so much as to replace their interest in nutritionally complete staple food."

Well, what discussion of koi nutrition would be complete unless we talked about the koi's more jocular habits of eating fry, frogs and each other? More fantastic than fact, here are some things you might not know. Large Koi and large frogs In the spring you can hear spring peepers in your pond and low areas of your yard or the woods. In the cold months of spring they spawn and lay strands of eggs. And sometimes, they get in your pond, and a big koi catches one. Or, like at my house, all the koi catch one. And so you get up in the morning and one of your koi has a pair of frog legs sticking out of its mouths and they like the taste pretty good, but they can't work it down. So they swim around with the frogs in their mouths like pacifiers. Some of the largest fish can get the frogs down, some eventually spit them out and you have to net them out or they will decay and make a mess.

Finally, you should know this about baby koi. A momma koi will lay many tens of thousands of eggs per spawn. And her babies will be very numerous. And these fry mature at differing rates. The brown solid-colored babies will mature faster than the bright solid-colored fish and these babies will mature more quickly than any two or three colored fish. So it happens that often you see several much-larger baby fish in a spawn swimming about with a tiny sibling tail in its mouth. These cannibals eat prodigiously and the more they eat the bigger they get and the faster they get there. So breeders know to remove these cannibals. If you don't you will have a nice collection of Ogons and no multicolored fish in a spawn. So koi can be cannibalistic when they're fry. Later in life, it would be exceedingly rare to see a large koi eat a small one. Fry koi/goldfish food is packaged for and guaranteed fresh. Sold in 6.4oz bags. Start your baby koi on the right fin this spring!
Photo provided by FlickrThe original Doug's Fish Fry restaurant. Great seafood, decent portions, friendly atmosphere and fair prices...
Photo provided by FlickrLive food is best, but when you don't have anything else to feed your small egg-laying fish fry, egg yolk can be an option...but be careful!
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Infusoria is a good food for tiny fry. Green water or egg yolk can also be fed to the fry. Powdered flake food is commonly fed to fish fry in aquariums, but powdered flake food is not the best fry food. Powdered flake food is however better than nothing if it is all you got when the fry arrives. Take a plastic bag and put in 1-2 tablespoons of flake food. The bag should not have too much air in it. Then squeeze the bag in your hand and mash the flake as well as you can. The more powdered it is, the better.Because the fry of livebearers are fully developed, they can eat newly hatched brine shrimp() as soon as they are born. Newly hatched brine shrimp (also called brineshrimp nauplii) still contain their yolk sac and are more nutritious than adult brine shrimp,plus they are small enough for the newborn fry of livebearing fish to eat. I also feed mylivebearing fry commercial powdered food for fry to make sure that they are getting the proper nutrition. Brine shrimp are nutritious, but they don'tcontain all of the nutrients that fish, especially fry, need. I wouldn't recommend feeding yourfry ONLY brine shrimp.