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The Freshwater Fish Identifier has 0 reviews: Published 1992 by New Burlington Books, 80 pages,
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Resource for freshwater fish species identification and information, full color pictures and images of freshwater fish and featured web sites with salt water fishing products.
FWC's Freshwater Fish Identifier lets you surf the types of fish species in Florida
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Fisheries biologists (call us icthyologists, or “ick-thee-AW-law-jists”) will readily admit that fish identification can be difficult, and even trained scientists have been known to occasionally misidentify fish. However, with a good reference or two and some patience, the average angler can differentiate most Florida freshwater fish they are likely to encounter. Following are some of the basics of fish identification, plus some recommended references for the budding ichthyologist. identification and aid in choosing the best type of goldfish for your freshwater tank.
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by Lawrence Page and Brooks Burr — This advanced guide is part of the very popular Peterson Field Guide series and includes all the native freshwater fishes of Florida. It also covers many (but not all) of our exotics. For those who want to put a name to almost everything they could possibly catch (and every native minnow they might use for bait), this is the guide to get. Provided identifications are very detailed; however, no angling information is given. Illustrated with black-and-white and color plates as well as some line drawings.The Goldfish types list below includes both popular goldfish and lesser known goldfish varieties. Each fish guide has a description of the goldfish, its place of origin, habitats and behaviors, as well as goldfish care to successfully maintain them in aquariums or ponds. Pictures of each fish help with identification and aid in choosing the best type of goldfish for your freshwater tank.