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Used in aquariums throughout the world for various purposes, this undemanding, hardy plant (pictured above) is the most popular of all mosses available in the aquarium trade. It can provide a hiding place for tiny fry and shrimp, but is also often used for decoration; it can be tied to rocks and driftwood with fishing line or left floating free.
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With our huge range to select from, these beautiful copies of real rock are a must for every aquarium or terrarium. No need to worry about weight. You can create that look and feel you would typically see in a public museum or Zoo yourself. Available in foam or our flexible material. Make sure you order the right product! The foam rocks will float in Aquarium unless siliconed in place. To create a pretty cool look and also help or get rid of any dead water you can drill some holes in these rocks and put an air hose into the rock. This will look better than a little air stone however you will achieve the same affect. These rocks when siliconed onto the side or back of the tank can then be used as a waterfall just by adding a small pump and tubing. A great look and habitat for those rainforest animals. Aquarium Floating Rocks Suspended Stones For Avitar Magic Landscaping Decoration
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If you have an aquarium chances are that you probably have some plants in there. Sure, we all know that plants make a good addition to any aquarium, but we are going to guess that most people only used plants that are grounded in the substrate or grow off of the rocks and wood in your aquarium. What you may not know is that there are also floating plants that you can put in your aquarium but what are the best floating aquarium plants? Let's look at our top 6 and why we like them.