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Prasad's friend Julie Janovksy took the photo in 2014 at a store in Woodstock, Virginia, but a quick Google search reveals and over the past few years about the condition of the fish at various Walmart locations across the country, citing filthy water, too-small tanks or containers and diseased or dead fish on the shelves.
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THOSE FISH ARE DYING IN WALMART'S FISHTANK AREAS. Everytime I come over to the fish, I see a lot of them dead and sick. Their fish tanks are dirty and disgusting and the cleaning thingy in back is killing them, sucking them up into it and killing them. They are starving to death. I doubt any of the workers even feed them! They don't know anything about fish and don't frankly care. The managers are rude and openly yell at the workers being completely unapproachable and unfriendly. I even think they throw away a live fish in the trash! There are always fish in bowls outside the tank just dying and sitting in them, starving worse than the others. The fish are even eating the dead ones! walmart fish tanks 30 gallons | Search Results | Global News | Ini Berita
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Visited this store on June 16, 2017 and was appalled at the lack of care of the pet fish. The tanks were absolutely filthy and the fish themselves looked sick; one poor goldfish in particular sat upside down in a corner of the tank, apparently unable to swim and clearly dying. If Walmart is unable to care for these fish before they're sold to consumers, then they should not sell them at all. My family and I will not be returning to this Walmart until the fish receive better care or they stop selling them altogether.I made an account on here just to leave this review. I recently bought my first betta fish from a local pet store. The tank prices were a little high so I decided to go to Walmart to find one. I walked past the live fish and my heart broke. There are dead fish and much too small tanks. The betta were pitiful. Most were half dead. I found two that looked like they had a chance so I bought them and took the home. The water was filthy and there was mold and dirt in the bottom of their bowls. I fed them after putting them in tanks at home and they ate the food like they'd never eaten before and immediately were more lively. Just makes me sad I couldn't save all of them.We originally wanted to get a beta but after looking at them they all was leaning sideways dying. Fish was on the filter dead like handfuls. WHY ARE THEY NOT IN BIGGER TANKS. And seeing as how it's 1 inch per gallon they have 15 oscars in one small tank that won't even sale because of them dying. All of their fish in deland fl walmart are never fed or anything. How is this even allowed?The betas are kept wrong and they are tucked back away from lights in the shelves, and are not allowed to be in certain parts of the shelves. And I do not know about this specifically, but they may not be getting food and be neglected from food. This is at almost every Walmart I have been to also, except for maybe one in Idaho. And the fish in the tanks are so often dying or ill because they are not taken care of well enough and it's the same issue with the betas, I do not even know if the fish are being fed. This makes me sick to see especially being an avid pet lover. With the bad handling of the live animals, I do not think certain Walmarts deserve to even carry live animals. It makes me sick to a point where I do not even want to shop here anymore. I dislike Walmart as it is but this makes me so worried for the fish in the department. I've been in that store several days in a row and have seen filthy tanks, diseased, dying fish, poor crabs, snails and bettas in the same shape. Also informed other associates will not help take dead fish out of tanks as that is not their department or as one associate told me, they're just fish, who cares. Bottom line, she played the let's pass the blame game. No one cares about these animals at all. If these were dogs or cats, it would be quite a different response. Theresa was also rather curt, rude and full of excuses. I will go to Walmart corporate, the Better Business Bureau and the news until someone listens.I recently shopped at Ft. Wright, Ky Walmart. While passing their fish tanks, I stopped to look at what I assumed would be pretty and healthy fish. I was so wrong. I am sickened by what I saw. In one tank 12+ dead fish stuck to the filter, in another 20+ dead fish accumulating towards the front. Horrible sight for young kids to see. You hear parents telling their children to come look at the fish, to then block them from seeing the disgusting and neglected tanks. This is not ok. I almost want to buy every fish there to save them but sadly this seems to be the Walmart norm. This is animal cruelty. If you want to sell them, provide clean water, clean tanks, adequate space and food, and hire a knowledgeable associate. This is wrong and Walmart should be ashamed.