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NUVO Exotic Fish Tanks $700 in Houston, TX
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The tank is 10 ft. in length, 2 ft. wide and 2 ft. deep and was designed by the Fish Gallery of Houston, a local fish store that offers freshwater and saltwater animals, tanks and accessories. The tank is currently filled with 200 lbs of Real Reef man-made live rock and its first inhabitant, a calico crab (Hepatus epheliticus), is expected to go into the FOWLR tank next week. It features an AGE custom refugium, a Super Reef Octopus XP 3000 protein skimmer and two Eheim canister filters. More animals that are native to the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean will be gradually added until the tank is fully stocked.
saltwater aquarium fish tank Reel Living ( 1400g tanks Largest tank in Houston)
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Photo provided by FlickrVisit your local Petco Store located at 10911 Westheimer Rd in Houston TX to find aquarium supplies, fish tanks along with both live saltwater and freshwater fish.
Photo provided by FlickrVisit your local Petco Store located at 5450 Weslayan in Houston TX to find aquarium supplies, fish tanks along with both live saltwater and freshwater fish.
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The Downtown Houston Aquarium is not a real aquarium. Go to Baltimore or Alanta to visit a real aquarium. Basically, it has a few fish tanks along with a few fish. No sharks, squids, and other marine life that you are expecting to see at a "real aquarium"

The strangest thing that they had in the last empty fish tank were two white tigers. What do white tigers have to do with marine life and why were these sad looking tigers stuck in an empty fish tank? It seemed so odd and out of place. I guess since they were lacking on marine life the best thing that they could come with were white tigers (who had no space to run or roam)? Talk about mistreating animals. People would not even allow their dogs or cats to be place in an empty fish tank just for display. That was so weird to see that and basically animal cruelty. They need to give those tigers to the zoo and fill that tank up with marine life.

I was disappointed and felt that the aquarium does false advertisement. Calling this place an aquarium is a bit far fetch. This is an overpriced Landry's restaurant with a few fish tanks. Basically, the aquarium at the Houston Zoo will meet you needs better than this place.

I advise you not to waste your money on this place. I have never felt so ripped off before in my life. I will never return there. Also since this place is owned by Landry's, it makes me want to boycott their other establishments as well. The Houston Aquarium is a big lie and joke.

Save your money and take your child to the Houston Children's Museum or someone else.

Also, and to top it all off they charge $6 for parking. That would have been great for a day at the aquarium. However, I basically paid for 20 minutes of parking just to see a few fish tanks. Next time I will just go to the pet store.Took the family for a fun day at the Aquarium and had dinner at the restaurant. I have to say this is one of the better places that we have been to. The food is great, the atmosphere is absolutely wonderful with fish tanks all around and Houston downtown in view, and the service is first class. Three reasons why I am not giving it an excellent grade: 1- It is a bit expensive, so value wise it is a bit lacking. 2- The outside balcony is not open for dining. 3- Wait time is too long, almost an hour or more. Otherwise, this is one nice place to take the family or friends to.If you've got 1-2 hours to spend in Downtown Houston, Aquarium is a great place check out! This aquarium features 15+ fish tanks, Reptile habitats, White Tiger exhibit and Stingray Reef. The Stingray Reef is a touch pool, where you can feed Stingrays by hand. There are also carnival rides outside for the kids. NOTE: It is not an expansive...What can I say? P.T. Barnum would be proud of the Landry's people. They have planted their restaurants in downtown Houston and managed to dupe everyone into thinking they have gotten an aquarium like Chicago and New Orleans.
Let's drop some quick facts:
Parking $6
Admission $7.50 for adults
Children 12 and under $5.50
Children under 2 (ya know, INFANTS) free
My wife and I spent the $21 expecting an experience like the ones we had at the Chicago, Boston or New Orleans Aquas but what we got was this:
Fish that you could most likely see at Petsmart and even though we stopped to read every info sign on all the tanks we were done in 20 MINUTES! 20 MINUTES!

Let me say it again...........20 MINUTES!!!!!!!
We planned this to be a 2 hour activity!
The exhibit (if you can call it that) was also inundated with very loud, obnoxious sound effects of jungle and ship sounds so that when we tried to speak to each other, we had to shout to hear one another.
Then we had that so rare opportunity to eat Landry's run-of-the-mill, overpriced, fried food.
For only another $7 each we could have ridden the shark-tank-train (you don't see the sharks otherwise, they are an additional fee), ride the ferris wheel or the merry-go-round.
If you want to spend a huge amount of money to go eat at Landry's and see many of the fish you might eat at Landry's ALIVE in tanks before you eat them, by all means go. Otherwise, go to the zoo or another city because Houston doesn't yet have an aquarium. They have another cheap, no substance scam-traction.