Dual Net Breeder Aquarium Fish Tank Breeding /Hatchery Kit

This nylon, commercial grade fish tank net is ideal for keeping your fish inside the tank.
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Sooner or later you will come across a reason to have to catch afish that is in your fish tank. This may be because there is aninjured or ill fish that needs to be put in isolation in a quarantinetank for treatment or recovery, to remove an aggressor or a fish thatis being bullied, to move fish between tanks, to sell or trade a fish,or for any of a number of other reasons.
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After lights out I use powerful and direct flashlight to blind them to the net, and I place the net below the fish and move upwards since many fish instinctively go down if the panic. Also, short tubes and dried out barnacles like the ones you sometimes see as decorum are excellent for cave-hoppers. It takes a couple days, but it works really well for blennies. When I had to switch tanks I just picked my Blenny’s new favorite barnicle with him in it out of the tank and into the next. I guess it’s the We’re not in Kansas anymore technique crossed with the fish trap. But, you don’t need to trick bennies into cave diving. Fish tank Triangular Clip on Net Pot  by Stuff4Us is licensed under the  license.
Photo provided by FlickrIf you have a deep fish tank and/or large fishes, then you must consider getting a long handle fish net with deep net pockets. .
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As I mentioned above, there is definitely an art to using a fishnet to efficiently catch a fish in a fish tank. Some of this can beexplained, but other aspects of using a fish net will really just takepatience and practice.Contrary to this, when you have the fish in, or nearly in, the fishnet, a quick motion can help to get the fish into the net before thefish can get away - just remember the fast movements will startleother fish in the fish tank into hiding and sustained fast movementswill push fish away from the opening of the net.Probably the most important thing to remember when you are usingthe fish net is to try to move the net slowly. Slow movement of thenet will be less startling to the fish and will increase your chancesof the fish staying near the net, while moving the net around the tankquickly startles the fish and encourages them all to hide. Also, whenthe net is moving quickly through the water, it does form a "bow wake"or "bow wave" which can actually push the fish away from the openingof the net.You will want one large(r) fish net and one smaller fish net. Placethe larger fish net in a fixed location in the tank, but keep yourhand on the handle. If you know that the fish you want to catch is notin his favorite hiding place, you may want to block the entrance tothis favorite place with the stationary net.