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Live plant are most definitely better!! They offer food to your fish while you are away for a long period of time and they naturally make the tank look nicer.
Artificial plants on the other hand are disturbingly ugly and are a waste of time.
Yes, they are easier to clean and to look after, but if you are not prepared to occasionally go to the pet store and spend money on something that is good for your fish, then I advise that you are not ready for fish.
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I have live plants in my aquarium. They don’t all need strong light. I’ve had Java Fern, lucky bamboo, Anacharis, Hornwort, Frogbit, and some Pothos that all grew wonderfully under a simple 9 dollar led light bar. Plants never really decayed at all that great a rate and I’ve both some snails and shrimp to handle such. They don’t require much, i don’t worry about CO2 or anything, just plant them into the gravel and away they go cept the Pothos that is planted around the top rim of the tank.
Recently built my own light stand and got two hanging light fixtures with a 40 watt daylight bulb in each and the plants have taken off in another growth spurt to fill in void areas and the fish use it all to hide and avoid aggression.
While I agree real plants are harder than fake to care for (of course using fake just to avoid touching the tank for long periods of time is a no no since water changes are a must), some of your reasons against them seem a bit one sided or completely wrong. Fish Tank - Watch Live Streams on Twitch
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There are three common types of saltwater aquarium setups. The Fish Only, the Fish Only with Live Rock (FOWLR) and a reef tank. I really just consider two of those as viable setups. The fish only set up is really kind of difficult in terms of biological control of the filter and (in my opinion) makes it harder to keep a saltwater tank without live rock. Live rock is awesome and will become the primary biological filter in your tank. FOWLR tanks are the way to go for someone new to the saltwater side of the hobby. Reef tanks require a little more precision and can be much more expensive to set up and stock because they require more equipment and more expensive livestock usually.Freshwater aquariums usually include plants. Most tropical fish come from river and lake environments where plants are plentiful, so it only makes sense. Whether live or artificial, plants offer a place for fish to hide and feel secure. They’ll also make your fish tank look much nicer, and can create a realistic natural habitat for the inhabitants of your aquarium.With the aid of my 5 fish tanks here I am showing why I keep live plants in my freshwater aquariums. They are basically the glue that connects the 5 tanks together and consider them extremely useful for a number of reasons outlined in the video.

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The point is live plants are exactly that: Living things in your tank. As such they will have a special relationship with the fish that isn’t possible with artificial plants.There are few things more satisfying in aquarium care than enjoying a well-planted tank you created yourself. Done right, live plants are beautiful additions to your tank. Just like fish they grow larger, sometimes expand to take up new territory, exchange gasses, consume food, create waste and may even procreate.As you can see, there are some great reasons to utilize live aquarium plants in your tank. In fact, it is really the best way to create an environment that is most like what your fish would experience in the wild world.