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FIG. 2 is a more-detailed perspective view of the in-tank feeder fish dispenser of FIG. 1;
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Patented inner chamber supplies spirulina algae for a mid-week treat. One pyramid will feed up to 15-20 fish in a 10 gallon tank for up to 14 days. Provides a superior nutrition source for aquarium fish when the hobbyist is away.
10 gallon-small feeder fish tank with cold/brackish water conditions
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In this example, the main tank 110 houses large fish 140. These large fish 140 desire to eat smaller feeder fish 142 and 144 housed within the dispenser 120. To prevent the large fish 140 from simply eating the smaller fish 142 and 144 outright, the dispenser is sealed along its sides and bottom and its open top rim 150 is located above the level of the water line WL of the main tank. In this manner the smaller fish 142 and 144 are maintained securely within the confines of the dispenser 120. Note that the dispenser rim 150, while above the waterline WL is located below the top of the main tank rim 112 in this embodiment. As such, the hood 130 can rest over the rim 150 without interference therebetween. In this configuration, the hood, itself acts as a loose cover for the dispenser as well as the main tank. Alternatively, a removable cover (not shown) can be applied to the dispenser's open top. Fish Tank, 2 Month Automatic Fish Food Feeder, Organic Pet World Fish Obsession
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Photo provided by FlickrAutomatic Auto Aquarium Tank Fish Food Feeder Feeding
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Now, I know that many people have wonderful pet fish that startedout as feeders that they "rescued," but buying these fish contributesto the production of more of them, and encourages the pet stores tostock them, furthering the problem, not solving it. Besides, youprobably do not want to buy a fish just to have it die in a few daysor a couple weeks... Also, if you are looking to get a fish to add toan existing tank, the feeder fish are prone to be carrying diseasesand parasites, which can infect your other fish, not only resulting inthe loss of your new fish, but possibly decimation of your entire fishtank.It’ll also keep your tank clean, as uneaten food won’t have the chance to accumulate at the bottom of the tank. This is a healthier feeding option for the fish as well.Just showing how I finally have the auto fish feeder working with flake.

DO NOT put small pellet in this feeder or it WILL turn your tank into a snow globe. I would advise you to TEST IT with a PAPER PLATE first!!! Before you have it over your tank. That is the best way to see how much it will dispense based on the type of food you have in the container.

When I first set this up it fell into the tank. After drying for 48 hours it was as good as new. The LCD screen was out until it complete dried. After drying the computer had been reset and I had to put the feeding times back in. No big deal.

Thanks for watching!!!This is a demonstration video of the Eheim automatic feeder model . I am preparing the fish tank for my vacation and purchased the auto feeder to feed my fish while I am gone. The auto feeder has options to feed up to four times daily. This video demonstrate how to use the Eheim auto feeder and its features. This automated fish tank feeder can hold up to 6 weeks of food, depending on how many times per day the fish are fed and the size of the fish food. It's an easy way to ensure your fish are being fed while you are gone.
Ocean Nutrition Feeding Station: Many fish will graze a little on live plants and algae growing inyour aquarium, but some herbivores will voraciously eat any liveplants you put in the tank. Other fish will feed on microorganismsthat are free-floating in your aquarium water or growing on thesurface of plants and decorations. Still other fish will gladly eatworms, snails, and/or other invertebrates that are introduced to theaquarium. Many pet stores also provide a variety of insects andinsect larvae that are of nutritional value to fish.Until you're in the thick of it, you can't know what you can and cannot trust yourself to remember. That's why having a system that will automatically feed your fish is so crucial, especially to new tank owners or to folks who like to jet-set around the globe and can't be home to distribute the flakes.