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The second possibility when one needs a tank cooler is a coldwater aquarium. Some fish species (especially small ones) from rivers can be kept in home fish tanks, or in fish ponds. Naturally, it is hard to imagine a chiller connected to a garden pond. Fish from rivers are accustomed to temperatures of 5 (41) to 20°C (68°F), sometimes more. In order to maintain the temperature within some acceptable range, any such aquarium cannot be run without a chiller.
Jun 18, 2012 - An aquarium chiller to help keep your fish tank cool
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When keeping a nano tank, temperature fluctuations can be deadly to fish and corals. With small volumes of water, change can occur much faster, especially in the long, hot days of summer.

Today we’re going to discuss the best ways to cool your nano, from affordable fans and nano chillers to the more traditional refrigerant-based chillers you may be more familiar with.

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The main thing an aquarium chiller can do for you and your tank is to keep those temps stable. A stable temperature is one component that can help lead to healthy fish and corals. If you are one of those crazy marine fish breeders (wink) perhaps you could use a chiller to perform manual temperature swings to help trigger spawning events. Also, don't forget to help your fellow hobbyists. Let them know if you have a good one. Give them the pros and cons and help them make a better decision when they go to buy an aquarium chiller.A chiller is a piece of aquarium equipment used to keep the fishtank water cool - or, rather, to keep the fish tank from rising abovea particular temperature.Such as ato automatic top off units great for sumps Fish tanks, lighting and nano cubes,
Current saltwater aquarium chiller specials for nanocubes.Probably hearing the whimper and whine of ordinary fish owners who keep ordinary aquariums, CoolWorks made a cool chiller that solves cooling problems for small and modest tanks.Presentation-wise, Oceanic wins again with its chiller’s innovative design and classy look. It matches well with fully-furnished tanks lived in by an elegant Arowana or other ornamental fish.This aquarium chiller uses a 15V 15A peltier to cool my 20 liter fish tank. In my setup, I set the input voltage to 11V, so that the peltier generate less heat and operate at higher efficiency. There is a very useful that could help you to determine the optimum peltier operation point :