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This mini fish tank contains with pump, filter, lights, all need a tank,all in one tank.
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One really great feature of this particular tank is that it comes with a nice looking hood that keeps your fish in the tank and keeps cats out of it. Moreover, the hood comes equipped with 2 fluorescent bulbs to provide lighting and illumination for your fish and plants. It’s a great little aquarium for a few fish and plant. It even comes with a wire slot so you can easily attach a filter too.
This following aquarium is in our opinion one the the best 10 gallon fish tanks that we could find, let’s dive straight into why;
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The JBJ Rimless Desktop all in one nano tanks really caught our attention at the fish store the other day. JBJ has been releasing a litany of different small all in one tanks for many years, trying to see what sticks, but we have a hunch that their new Rimless Desktop series will be a hit. Feature All in one fish tank with LED light Filter, Oxygen Supply and Heater together
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Photo provided by Flickr10 Gallon Cubey White Aquarium All in One Nano Fish Tank New by JBJ | Pet Supplies, Fish & Aquariums, Aquariums & Tanks | eBay!
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The Aquasystem AIO (all in one) is an aquarium that features a built in a state of the art internal wet/dry filtration system. Wet Dry filters are highly effective in the removal of toxins and contaminates makes the Aquasystem AIO aquarium fish tank the natural choice for freshwater, saltwater and reef setups. The Aquasystem features a hidden chamber for your heater and drop in protein skimmer (heater and skimmer sold seperately). Wet/dry chamber, drip tray, mechanical pre-filter, opening covers and pump with return line are Included. No hoses or tubes hang off the back. Everything is internal! Simply add water, heater, lights and plug the system in!BiOrb P60 fish tank is an all in one kit fish tank which is low in maintenance compared to most fishtanks which is achevied by its efficient filtration system and its simple feature to replace the filter cartridges which also saves time in cleaning.

Read more on Our wide variety of products makes us the go-to, one stop shop for all things fish tank and aquarium related. We come highly recommended by our many satisfied customers, and with us your satisfaction is always guaranteed.I like all these models but not sure which would fit my needs best. I have kept saltwater fish but never corals. I am looking to finally do a reef tank/fish setup. I like the idea of a true all in one (Red sea 170)...but the other models seem comparable but I would need to buy a protein skimmer etc. I like the JBJ but heard they have issues....any thoughts on these tanks? Would you guys recommend a completed build red reef or a model that I add on skimmer lights etc. on my own?While maintaining a healthy aquarium full of fish will always take a lot of hard work and experience -- in fact, most aquarists will tell you that's part of the appeal -- there's one way to take some of the guesswork out of purchasing an aquarium set-up. All-in-one aquariums are kits that provide all the basic tools needed to get an aquarium up and running. The hood, lights and filters are designed specifically to fit the kit's provided tank. In addition, the tank and stand are constructed for ease of use.You also get some samples of fish food, a cycle biological supplement, and Aqua Plus Water Conditioner so you can use tap water for your tank safely. Of course, you’re going to replace all these packets when you run out.