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Do You Need a Fish Tank Protein Skimmer
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I've lost a couple of small feeder fish to the skimmer and I've caught the frog (no more than 1 1/2") in there twice. I think the fish venture in and then, since they're so small, they can't get themselves out and the suffocate in the mesh net. For the moment I've put a 1/4" hardware cloth mesh in front of the skimmer but, obviously, that's not a permanent option. I'm considering a hard plastic basket inside of the wiers before the skimmer mesh. Has anyone done anything like this?
Learn if you really need to buy a fish tank protein skimmer from aquarium expert Joseph Caparatta in this Howcast video.
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Keep in mind that normally, your main problem is to , which all come from the waste products and other pollutants. The naturally turns these compounds into nitrates, which aren’t toxic to most fish and invertebrates at low levels. But corals and other marine species may still be sensitive to the nitrates, and you need the skimmer to really keep the nitrate level down. Below features of this best protein skimmer are essential for any aquarist who is in need of a mechanical filter for his fish tank.
Photo provided by FlickrNow that you know these things, you’re set to choose the best protein skimmer setup for your saltwater fish tank.
Photo provided by FlickrThis DOC product from Tunze is one of the top rated protein skimmers which has the capacity to purify up to 925 gallons of fish tank.
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For some inexplicable reason, after 10 years, I had 4 different fish decide to go into my skimmers. Two of these ultimately resulted in deaths.Get the ultimate DIY book:

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Build a surface skimmer:

In today's video, I'm going to show you how to build a protein skimmer for a saltwater aquarium.
A protein skimmer removes waste products or basically any decaying organic matter in a fish tank before it has the opportunity to break down and lower water quality.
It does this by passing water through a skimmer, dissolved organic compounds in the water attach to the bubbles the skimmer produces. As the air bubbles rise, so do the organics now attached to the bubbles. The organics are then collected in a cup at the top of the skimmer and removed from the system.Hi ,
Thanks for your help with the pond skimmer protector for wayward fish. I have a fish pond net that’s torn-any suggestions on how to get replacement netting rather than having to buy a whole new telescoping pole with a net?Watch more How to Take Care of an Aquarium videos:

Okay. To set up a fish tank protein skimmer, the obvious recommendation is to look at the instructions. I don't advise the challenge of setting up a skimmer without having instructions.

That being said, the things that you want to keep in mind when setting up a protein skimmer is where the effluent releases on a skimmer, as most skimmers -- even the best ones out there -- always release fine bubbles back into the water. So if you have a hang-on protein skimmer, or if you're setting your skimmer on a shelf above the aquarium and letting the water dump back into the tank, you're going to have a problem with fine bubbles.

That being said, I recommend going with an in-sump protein skimmer. They utilize much more efficient pumps, so you don't have the high electric needs and the high heat output that you would have associated with an external-type skimmer that relies on pumping the water up into the skimmer. I also recommend that the skimmer sit inside the sump, and preferably in the beginning stage of the filter, so that all the fine bubbles get filtered out by the sponge and the pre-filters before they get pumped back up into the aquarium.

But to set it up is very basic. Most of them only have a few parts. There's usually a main body, a pump, a few gaskets, an upper assembly that will be your collection reservoir. Sometimes they have a little spout that you stick your hose on to drain the waste -- or the skimate, as it's called -- to go into a collection cup. But all these skimmers nowadays are very easy, very straightforward to set up.