Up Close Interview: Buying Fish Online vs. Buying at a Pet Store

Is it a good idea to buy fish online rather than from a local pet store?
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FALSE – When you come across an online discus store that offers free shipping you really need to think carefully before making a purchase. Regardless of how big or small an online fish store is shipping is never free for anyone! UPS and FEDEX will NEVER ship anything for free! So how do discus sellers offer free shipping? It’s all in the quality of the fish they are selling. Many discus sellers sell fish that are imported from Asia. When you buy fish from Asia you must order them in large quantities minimum of 100 or more at a time. Many of the Asian discus sellers offer discounts on fish that are not top quality. While not all Asian discus fish are bad quality, in my experience the majority of them are low quality and most of them come with internal parasites. Once you receive these fish you must quarantine them for several weeks and de-worm them on a regular basis so they won’t kill your other fish. So while you may be saving money on shipping It may cost you a lot more money and headaches in the long run. You will also notice that sellers that offer free shipping just increase the cost of each fish to cover the shipping. The amount of time, materials and water weight required to ship fish properly makes it impossible to ship fish for free. Remember- shipping is never free!
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Online if fine for those who have to drive hours to a sub-par fish store, but if you can do local, then it is much better. trust me i told myself the same thing but all the major fish stores have some neglect around here most seriously neglect the livestock,captain nemo sells fish that die in 24 hours,that fish place has such a large store that they cant keep up with it and my store-the pet shack was incredible until the owner died they changed there whole store and its never been the same ive exhausted all options for stores i even went to jersey to see stores and driving 2 hours is out of the question blue zoo seems very smart about the way they do things and the prices look good World Wide Fish and Pets strives to be a place when buying tropical fish online feels no different, than visiting your local fish store.
Photo provided by FlickrFish online from Live Aquaria: buy tropical fish online at the Diver's Den® WYSIWYG Store.
Photo provided by FlickrShould I get fish online or from my local fish store
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When you buy seafood online from Joe Patti's Seafood we guarantee wholesale prices to the public and reduced shipping fees. Our online store offers top choice fresh fish fillets everyday. I'm very new to keeping fish as pets. I was surprised to find out that you can order fish online and have them shipped. Is there any way to be sure that the fish will be healthy? Should I just stick to local stores?We are a complete online aquarium store. Its best to Buy Saltwater Aquarium Fish at Pete's Fish Place! We carry a very large variety of both saltwater fish and tropical fresh water fish. Because we have so many different types of tropical fish and saltwater fish for sale it is best if you look around our fish for sale pages to see the amazing selection of fish.In the store, you get to see the fish you're sold, and make sure they're healthy before taking them home. Online, you might not get to see the fish firsthand, but you can get fish directly from specialty breeders; fish that local stores might not have the setups to care for.Personally I tend to get my fish from a little local store, because I like the owner and he usually has a interesting and healthy (thought small) selection. But I'm planning on adding a few dwarf cichlids in a few months, and I'm probably going to get them from a specialty cichlid farm that I've heard good things about: they're just the next state over, but overnight shipping will probably cost less then the gas it would take to drive there. We have some of the big-name pet stores around here too, and while I've never had outright bad luck with them, I think I trust the specialists more, whether online or brick-and-mortar.The big downside to ordering saltwater fish and corals online is undoubtedly the cost. You need to ship live saltwater fish and corals overnight–and overnight shipping is expensive. Plan on shipping to cost you $50-$75. Of course, the online saltwater fish and coral stores know this–and they tend to offer FREE SHIPPING when you exceed their minimum order amount. That sounds like a great deal (and it is) but the challenge can be that you will need to place an order somewhere between $150 and $250, which is no trivial sum. It is also (potentially) a lot of livestock to add to your tank all at once.