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When a Frontosa is small, feed it floating flake food and freeze dried blood worms both available from most stores that sell pet fish. Later when the Frontosa grows bigger, feed Hikari Cichlid Pellets and an occasional treat of live or frozen brine shrimp. Do NOT live Black Worms. Click for more about feeding fish. Do not feed your Frontosa any kind of worms such as Brown Tubifex Worms or Black Worms. Click for more about Black Worms.
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From goldfish to tetras to cichlids, we have hundreds of species of freshwater fish for sell, as well as plants and invertebrates. They’re displayed in 17 state-of-the-art 240 gallon acrylic systems – over 4000 gallons! The water in our systems continuously passes through ultra-violet sterilizers for the highest water quality and healthiest fish available. Live Fish for Sale Online | PetSolutions
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Paradise Fish do well on a diet of floating flake food such as plus some of freeze dried blood worms, which are actually mosquito larvae. Both of these fish foods are available in most stores that sell pet fish. We give our Paradise Fish an occasional treat of live Black Worms and live or frozen brine shrimp. Click for more about feeding fish. I feed these fish a few Black Worms every other day. Click for more about Black Worms. Answer: According to Lt. Don Kelly, the sale of both types of ivory you possess are not legal. Both state and federal officers routinely watch both eBay and Craig’s List for these types of items being posted for sale. In addition, California Penal Code sections 653(o) and (p) make it illegal to sell or to possess with the intent to sell a wide variety of wildlife parts including elephant and all Federal Endangered Species. Both species and parts from these animals are protected by the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service and you may want to obtain additional information from them.The markets are required to maintain source documentation for all fishery products in the business per Section 8050 of the Fish & Game Code. These accounting records must indicate name of species, number of pounds purchased, name, address and phone number of seller, date of sale, price paid and intended use. Chinatown is an area where wardens conduct market inspections on a regular basis to assure Section 8050 requirements are adhered to.The Freshwater Dolphin Fish , chinese butterfly fish, zebra lobster fish , electric jack dampsy fish, polini cichlid fish for sell , available in shop at joeaquaworld mulund Mumbai india ,We have visited Pillar Point Harbor numerous times,. This time we visited the calamari (squid) fishing ships were in and as such lots of bigger boats and the harbor was busy., We have also been there during crab season. Throughout the year as fish are in season, people go here to buy fish right off the boat. Since crab season is in the winter, its very popular to stop by here during the holidays to buy crab fresh and right off the boat. Other times of year, salmon might be for sell,.

Its a fun place to walk the harbor area and see the boats. its also a place where you can rent kayaks and go out kayaking.

Deep sea fishing excursions are also available from the harbor area.

There are numerous restaurants right by to enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner....or just to have a drink.

People can also go recreational fishing.

We always enjoy visiting this area, and if in Half Moon Bay, recommend stopping by and seeing this lively harbor area.

There is parking (for free with some time limitations - 2 hours or so) close by.

The harbor master office is also in this area and there you can see the fish count for the day as well as read about the history of the area.