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Most fish in this group could be fed a food block(bought from a local fish store)
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When we go out of town for more than 3 days we put feeder blocks in the tank. This is not the same as an automatic feeder. They are blocks of food that slowly release pieces of food randomly over a period of 4-10 days. It breaks down very slowly over the days and as it breaks down it will release a random bit of food. You can get different sizes for different size tanks and the amount of fish you have. They have very small ones also about the size of a dime that are just for betta tanks. They last 5 days and we have used them with great success everytime.
Chipoff have designed a block to supplement your fish for a week with quality flake food that is impregnated into a slow release feeding block.
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Zoo Med's Original Banquet time release feeding blocks feed your fish for longer! Original Banquet blocks can be useful for small fry which do best when constantly feeding as well. Original Banquetcan also be utilized as a great daily food source for problem feeders such as Plecostomus, Algae Eaters, Redtail Sharks, Gouramis, Saltwater Tangs, Angels & Damsels.

Raw extruded flesh from lower-value finfish like pollock and hake that is frozen in blocks and later used to make seafood analogs.
Photo provided by Flickr7 day food block killed all my fish. petsmart said it caused the death of all my fish. arnt they liable?
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Feeds 100 minnows 3 to 4 weeks without any attention.
- Feeds Your Fish When You Forget.
- Loaded With Highly Digestible Fish Food.

A common overlooked cause of baitfish losses may be attributed to starvation. Many times, baitfish are weeks removed from their home waters, and food may have been denied them. Our time release Food Blocks takes the guess work out of feeding your bait and gives them the added nourishment to help prevent losses from starvation. Our feeding block is loaded with highly digestible food which helps reduce water souring. This is an economical system for feeding your fish when you forget to and helps keep bait lively and frisky. Food Blocks should be placed directly into the bait tank. We recommend that one block be used for every 5-10 pounds of baitfish. Each block will last an average of 7 days, depending on water temperature, amount of agitation and water hardness. The first thing to do when you return home from your vacation is toremove any excess food or any remainder of any vacation food blocksfrom the fish tank so that it stops contributing to poor waterquality.The third option is to get a food block. These are sold in many petshops, and even some grocery stores, as vacation feeders or holidayfeeders. While the two methods above for feeding your pet fish whileyou are gone may pollute your tank, using a vacationfood block will pollute your tank.Leaving extra regular fish food in your tank when you go on vacation is a recipe for disaster, and you could even wind up killing your goldfish when the uneaten food goes bad. Pick up a slow-release vacation food block, invest in an automatic dispenser or find a fish-loving friend for feeding duties.The Aqueon 3-Day and 7-Day Feeders are slow release food blocks made with premium ingredients that fish are naturally attracted to. They provide the necessary vitamins and minerals to provide proper n..."Fish food and vacation blocks often contain chometz. Tetra Tropical SlowRelease Gel Feeders (Tetra Weekend 5 days, and Tetra Vacation 14 days) arechometz free. Goldfish and Tropical fish can be given tubular worms, frozen brineshrimp, and freeze dried worms (if they do not contain fillers)."