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For complete Tetra fish care, excessive plantation is required in aquariums.
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As far as care goes, Betta fish need the same clean water, living space and warm temperatures as any other tropical fish. The small cubes and other commercial creations are not ideal homes for Betta fish, or any other fish for that matter.
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For livewell care, I don't recommend adding anything other than possibly ice and rock salt (which is non-iodized). However, there are some things you can do to make your livewell function better. First, be sure that your livewell has both the fresh and recirculating water entering from the top of your livewell. You want the surface water of the livewell to be as disturbed as possible because it increases the oxygen level for the fish. I re-plumbed mine a while back and since then my fish have been healthier than ever. This alone will increase the health of your fish. Good fishing to you all! Get 'em in the boat and take care of them.
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Photo provided by FlickrLearning how to take care of a Betta fish properly is easy and fun for beginners!
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The saltwater fish guide also has tank setup information along with marine fish profiles and some slightly more advanced topics. Keeping a marine aquarium is not nearly as difficult as it used to be with the topics being just a bit more complex than a freswater aquarium. It still requires some careful planning and research and hopefully these articles will get you started on the right path. In addition to the set up articles, you will find articles on aquarium lighting, feeding, reverse osmosis, UV sterilizers, breeding and a host of others.Mars Fishcare is committed to making a difference to our planet and its people by providing innovative, scientifically proven fishkeeping solutions.Mars Fishcare is passionate about fishkeeping, and about supporting the fishkeeping hobby.
We have been a pioneer in the aquatics industry for more than 50 years, researching and developing quality products to help people create and enjoy their aquariums and ponds.API ® offers excellent products to accompany you throughout the life of your aquarium; water conditioners, fish care and plant care. We’ve made caring for your fish and aquarium easier with our great products and easy to follow guide.

To the left of your screen, the guide API ® Easy Care Guide lists the five key stages and all tips for making aquarium care easier.Welcome to the trade section of API FISHCARE. Our goal is to provide a place where you can find everything you need within a click or two. This section of our new site will evolve over time and we’ll work towards providing more and more information to make it easier for you to support API. GloFish are like their non-fluorescent counterparts, just with a brighter disposition. They are exactly the same in terms of care, including everything from general care and temperature preferences to water quality and nutritional needs. With a little care and attention, your fish will be a happy, healthy companion for years to come.