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There are very few lids with lights available ready-made for fish bowls.
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The best defense is a solid fishy fortress. A lot of people keep their betas in a tiny little open-top fishbowl and few cats could resist that. In fact, back when we had betas and no cats we had one beta that jumped out of his little bowl to his death! Those tiny open bowls are dangerous even without feline interference! But they do make small aquariums with lids suitable for betas now, I've even seen some with a divider so you can keep two at once without them fighting. We kept one beta in a tank like that for 6 months when we had a dozen kitties in the house and he never suffered at our paws! If you get a secure aquarium like that and keep it somewhere out of the way where the cats can't easily mess with it or knock it down it should be fine. If they can't stop messing with it you can put deterrents around the tank like double-sided sticky tape until they get the idea that live fish are for looking, not touching!
This Video will show you how to make a Lid for your fish bowl
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